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Sugiyama Jogakuen University
School of Education
Job title
(BLANK)(Joetsu University of Education)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

USA-Japan Fundation USA project
- Gifu University, Part-time Lecturer


Graduate School, Division of School Education, Joetsu University of Education
Faculty of Education, Niigata University

Published Papers

Isobe Kinji
Studies in Art Education   48(1) 57-64   2016
This paper is on the series of the studies which tries to design art education based on view of nature. It regards life as a concept of the times, and the scheme is from the life theory in philosophy of life after 1980's contemporary Japan and cur...
中村 仁美, 磯部 錦司
椙山女学園大学教育学部紀要   6 241-257   2013


磯部 錦司
教育学部紀要   (9) 25-36   2016
山﨑 真里, 磯部 錦司
椙山女学園大学教育学部紀要   7 19-30   2014
磯部 錦司, 山﨑 真里
椙山女学園大学教育学部紀要   7 31-44   2014
A practice of Art Work in Question the relation ship between Self and Surroudings
The Bulletin of Study of Art Education League of Japan   1    2001
"< Image of Life >in Drawing Art Education-A Practical Case Study by Sumie"
"A Practical Study of Curriculum Development (1)-Through the Image of < Water > on NAGARA RIVER"
2 81-90   2000
"Organic Combination with Sens Communis in Pre-School Children's Drawing Expression-A Practical Case Study"
35 43-46   2000
"A Study of Expression of Life by Sumie"
Society of Art Education   21 39-49   2000
"The Expression Conception of Nutu Art in Education for Kindergarten Teachers"
76-77   1999
"Art Education and Cross-Curricula-For the development with the core of Art Education"
(31) 175-182   1999
"Art Education in View of Environmental Issues-Ecological Approach of Contemporary Art"
Society of Art Education   20 23-24   1999
"Contenporary Art and Sumi-A Possibility in Art Educasion"
232-233   1998
"The Position of < NATURE ART >"
125   1998
"A Practical Study of Design and Industrial Art(2)-Industrial Art of Light"
46(2) 197-218   1998
"A Viewpoint and Method of The Teaching Material Development(3)-The Art Expression by the Resin for The Enclosing"
(6) 95-109   1998
"A case Study of Curriculum Development (1)-Through the Image of <Water>"
47(1) 249-264   1998
"A Practical Study in Drawing Education (1)-The Possibility as The Expression by A Sumi and Burshing"
17(3) 45-54   1998
"A Study of The Improvement of Educasion Practice in Junior High School Art Education(1)"
46(2) 183-196   1998
"A Practical Study of Environmental Issues in Art Education"
1-23   1998
"A Study of Educational Reform and Cross-curriculum in Art Education
"Att Education" Kenpakusya   (28) 25-33   1998
"The Systematization of Synthetic Learning by the Most of Community"
Society of Art Education   (19) 41-51   1998
"The Systematization of Synthetic Learning by the Most of Community"
62   1997
"Art Education and Cross-Curricula-For Growing Life Ability"
10-14   1997
"Local and Contemporary Issues in Art Education"
(47) 44-49   1997
The Role "Art Education by Clay and Flame" has played and Tody's Meaning-A Study of a Practice in Mino sinse 1958
Art & Education   (3) 44-49   1997
"The Role of the Education of Printing in Ena has played and its Meaning Today"
(6) 15-22   1993
"A Direction and Possibility of Art Education in Local Erea"
全114   1993
"A Study of Global Education for understanding the United States of America"
61,73-76,146-150   1992
A Practice of Originated Collaboration in Acts of Drawing
The Bulletin of Hosen Gakuen College   
A Transfiguration of View of Nature and "Life" Expression
The Bulletin of Art Education in University Society   (33) 
A Study of Drawing in Action Fuses with Surroudings
The Bulletin of Hosen Gakuen College   26 

Books etc

New Art Practice Guidance
The Japan Education Book Center   2002   

Conference Activities & Talks

磯部 錦司
椙山人間学研究 : 椙山人間学研究センター年誌   2017   


Dialogue of Life(GalleriBachMoller(デンマーク)
ISOBE Kinji   Artistic Activity   Dec 2003
Project Kindergarten -Dialogue of Japanese artist and Children.(Brande・Denmark)
Artistic Activity   2003
'Kinji Isobe -Dialogue of Life-' (Randens, Denmark)
Kinji Isobe -Drawibg from Document (Nagoya)
『A Hybrid View of Nature』Gallery Kobayashi
Artistic Activity   2001
"Butterfly" Galerie Kunst lerhaus (Germany)
Artistic Activity   2001
"Wall-Ceiling" Gallery RYTAS (Lithuania)
Artistic Activity   2001
Workshop in Mino "Road of Light"
Hanazono Art Program
"International Workshops for Visualart in Brande"(Denmark)
"Form of Life"
Artistic Activity   1999
"Bardu-Intersection as Source"
"Microcosm and Macrocosm-Forest"
Artistic Activity   1998
"Microcosm and Macrocosm(March, 1998, The NAGARARIVER)"
Artistic Activity   1998
"Forest-The Faraway Sound"
Artistic Activity   1997
"Forest-The Vice"
Artistic Activity   1996
"Work (December 1993, Violent Rock Wave)
Artistic Activity   1994
"Animate thing I"
Artistic Activity   1994
"Violent Rock Wave (]G0007[)"
Artistic Activity   1993
"Violent Rock Wave (]G0002[)"
Artistic Activity   1992

Research Grants & Projects

A Study of Drawing and View of Life in Art Education
Project Year: 1997   
Organic Combination with Sens Communis in Drawing.
Project Year: 1999