Yoshimi Uesugi

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Yoshimi Uesugi
Tokyo Gakugei University
Curriculum Center for Teachers, Section of Pre-Service Teacher Education Research and Development

Research Areas



Newspapers in Education: Acquiring future customers, or serving future citizens?: On the suitability of Japan’s Newspapers in Education as agents for promoting media literacy
The Journal of Media Literacy   64(1/2) 64-69   2017
Education in Japan’s teacher training: history and problems
Professing Education   9(2) 33-38   2014
The Corporate Presence in Japanese Classrooms
Our Schools/Our Selves   18(4) 159-171   Aug 2009

Conference Activities & Talks

Corporate guest teaching in Japanese schools: background and issues
CSSE Annual Conference 2012   May 2012   
Media Literacy Education in Japan: Escape from the Criticism of Commercialism
XXXIVth Annual Conference   May 2006