Kajimura, Mayumi

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Kajimura, Mayumi
Keio University
School of Medicine
Job title
Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology(University of California, Davis (Davis, CA, USA))


My research focuses on how various gaseous molecules such as molecular hydrogen (H2), molecular oxygen (O2), NO, H2S, CO2 and CO are sensed in our body. We are particularly interested in the interaction between gaseous molecules and their receptor proteins, gas-sensing proteins and how these gaseous molecules modulate vascular tone in various organs. While the NO signaling has been well-defined, the CO signaling requires further investigation with respect to identifying receptor molecules and their downstream effectors. Like NO, CO has an ability to bind to the ferrous heme of a variety of proteins with high affinity; thus, it is capable of either stimulating or inhibiting catalytic activities of heme proteins. Thus in current studies we are investigating the possibility that CO targets for proteins containing prosthetic heme and by altering their activity it controls the CNS function. We use both in vivo and in vitro systems in parallel to compensate inherent weakness of each model. This requires developing techniques which range from molecular biology, cell biology, protein biochemistry, and single vessel studies to whole animals.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Nov 1995
Sep 1999
Postdoctoral Researcher (Wellcome trust fellow), Section of Cellular & Integrative Biology, Division of Biomedical Sciences, Imperial College School of Medicine, London, UK
Oct 1999
Nov 1999
Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry, Keio University School of Medicine
Dec 1999
Sep 2006
Instructor, Department of Biochemistry, Keio University School of Medicine
Oct 2006
Dec 2008
Instructor, Department of Biochemistry, Keio University School of Medicine
Jan 2009
Sep 2012
Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Keio University School of Medicine


Oct 1990
Dec 1995
Physiology Graduate Group, Graduate School, School of Medicine, University of California Davis

Committee Memberships

Oct 2012
Mar 2016
慶應義塾大学医学部  学務委員会委員
Oct 2011
Sep 2015
慶應義塾大学医学部  自主学習委員会委員
Apr 2011
Sep 2015
慶應義塾大学  国際センター学生交換・在外研修委員会委員
Feb 2010
日本微小循環学会  国際交流委員長
Apr 2009
Mar 2015
慶應義塾大学医学部  動物実験運営委員会委員

Awards & Honors

Apr 2004
August Krogh Young Investigator Award, Microcirculatory Society (USA)
Apr 2004
Selected for the 50th Anniversary Historical Poster, American Physiology Society/The Microcirculatory Society
Oct 1993
International Fellowship, American Association of University Women
Oct 1992
Regents Fellowship, University of California
Apr 1998
August Krogh Young Investigator Award, The Microcirculatory Society (USA)

Published Papers

M. Kajimura, R. Fukuda, R. M. Bateman, T. Yamamoto and M. Suematsu
Antioxid Redox Signal   13(2) 157-192   Jul 2010
K. Hattori, M. Kajimura, T. Hishiki, T. Nakanishi, A. Kubo, Y. Nagahata, M. Ohmura, A. Yachie-Kinoshita, T. Matsuura, T. Morikawa, T. Nakamura, M. Setou and M. Suematsu
Antioxid Redox Signal   13(8) 1157-1167   Oct 2010
T. Morikawa, M. Kajimura, T. Nakamura, T. Hishiki, T. Nakanishi, Y. Yukutake, Y. Nagahata, M. Ishikawa, K. Hattori, T. Takenouchi, T. Takahashi, I. Ishii, K. Matsubara, Y. Kabe, S. Uchiyama, E. Nagata, M. M. Gadalla, S. H. Snyder and M. Suematsu
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A   109(4) 1293-1298   Jan 2012
S. Yamazoe, M. Naya, M. Shiota, T. Morikawa, A. Kubo, T. Tani, T. Hishiki, T. Horiuchi, M. Suematsu and M. Kajimura
ACS Nano   8(6) 5622-5632   Jun 2014
T. Takenouchi, Y. Sugiura, T. Morikawa, T. Nakanishi, Y. Nagahata, T. Sugioka, K. Honda, A. Kubo, T. Hishiki, T. Matsuura, T. Hoshino, T. Takahashi, M. Suematsu and M. Kajimura
J Cereb Blood Flow Metab   35(5) 794-805   May 2015

Conference Activities & Talks

Oxidative stress in no-mediated signaling in experimental diabetic retinopathy
Schaefer Silke, Kajimura Mayumi, Hanawa Toshihiko, Suematsu Makoto, Watanabe Kenji
World Congress of Internal Medicine   May 2002   
Oxidative stress in experimental diabetic retinopathy
Schaefer Silke, Kajimura Mayumi, Kashiba Misato, Watanabe Kenji, Uchida Kouji, Suematsu Makoto
第72回日本生化学学会大会 (2001)   Nov 2001   
Ishikawa Mami,Sekiduka Eiichi,Kajimura Mayumi,Yamaguchi Noriyuki,Terao Satoshi,Kawase Takeshi,Suematsu Makoto
第26回日本微小循環学会   Feb 2001   
Roles of endogenous carbon monoxide in regulation of soluble guanylate cyclase-mediated nitric oxide sensing for neural transmission in rat retina [Invited]
Kajimura Mayumi, Tsuyama Shingo, Ishimura Yuzuru, Suematsu Makoto
日本微小循環学会   Feb 2001   
Suematsu Makoto,Kajimura Mayumi,Tsuyama Shingo,Ishimura Yuzuru
日本組織細胞化学会シンポジウム「活性酸素の視覚化」   Dec 2000   

Teaching Experience


Research Grants & Projects

Effects of molecular hydrogen on ischemic brain injury
MEXT,JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2022    Investigator(s): 梶村 眞弓
MEXT,JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2016 - Mar 2019    Investigator(s): 梶村 眞弓
JST戦略的創造研究推進事業 ERATO国際化活動支援
Japan Science and Technology Agency,: The Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology (ERATO)
Project Year: Jul 2015 - Today
公益財団法人鈴木謙三記念医科学応用研究財団 二国間学術交流集会開催助成
Project Year: Jun 2015 - Today
島津製作所: 委託研究費
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2017