AKIYAMA, Yasuhiro

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AKIYAMA, Yasuhiro
Waseda University
Faculty of Law Waseda Law School
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Graduate School, Division of Law, Waseda University

Published Papers

Seller's Warranty against Defect of Used Buildings
LAW AND PRACTICE   (9) 161-186   May 2015   [Refereed]
秋山 靖浩
中田裕康=窪田充見編『民法判例百選Ⅱ債権[第7版]』(別冊ジュリスト224号/有斐閣)   (224) 174-175   Jan 2015
秋山 靖浩
潮見佳男=道垣内弘人編『民法判例百選Ⅰ総則・物権[第7版]』(別冊ジュリスト223号/有斐閣)   (223) 138-139   Jan 2015
秋山 靖浩
潮見佳男=道垣内弘人編『民法判例百選Ⅰ総則・物権[第7版]』(別冊ジュリスト223号/有斐閣)   (223) 22-23   Jan 2015
秋山 靖浩
現代民事判例研究会編『民事判例IV2014年前期』(日本評論社)   (9) 92-95   Oct 2014

Books etc

秋山靖浩=河﨑健一郎=杉岡麻子=山野目章夫 (Part:Joint Work)
日本評論社   Sep 2012   ISBN:978-4535408401
LEGAL QUEST 民法II物権(第7章・第8章を執筆)
石田剛=武川幸嗣=占部洋之=田高寛貴=秋山靖浩 (Part:Joint Work)
有斐閣   May 2010   ISBN:978-4-641-17909-7

Research Grants & Projects

Toward a comprehensive and strategic legal framework on unoccupied houses : a comparative survey
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2017
The unoccupied house problem is an urgent policy issue in Japan. While municipal ordinances and the Unoccupied House Law mainly aim at eliminating negative externalities to the neighborhood, a policy-oriented and strategic perspective is indispens...
Can Fixed Term Building Lease solve the vacant house problem?
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2016
Because of the legal nature that the lease contract ends when the duration expires, Fixed Term Building Lease (Article 38, Act on Land and Building Leases) can encourage owners of vacant houses to use the house as a rental housing and contribute t...
Comparative Socio-Legal Study on the problem of information asymmetry on existing housing transaction market
Project Year: Apr 2012 - Mar 2016
Recently, the rate of existing home transaction exceeded that of new home in Japanese condominium housing market. However, the information on the quality of total management of condominium, which is an important factor for good living conditions, ...
Construction of New Paradigm of Laws and Regulations for Urban Governance in Networked Society
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Mar 2014
Horizontal coordination among pluralistic actors is essential for policymaking and legislation in contemporary networked society. Urban governance therefore demands effective corporations between public and private sectors both with diverse activi...
A Legislative Proposal of Overall Amendment of the Japanese Civil Code
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2013
Presently, the Department of Justice tries to amend Japanese CivilCode. However, it has started amendment from the book IIIof the Civil Code. As a result,the amended Civil Code of Japan will lose strait numbering of provisions. In addition, theDep...