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Tohoku University
Job title
Research assistant
Doctor(Science)(The University of Tokyo), Master(Science)(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

Mar 2011
Ecological Research Award, The Ecological Society of Japan
Winner: E Nishimura, E Suzaki, M Irie, H Nagashima, T Hirose
Mar 2010
Morphological differentiation of current-year shoots of deciduous and evergreen lianas in temperate forests in Japan, Ecological Research Award
Winner: R Ichihashi, H Nagashima, M Tateno

Published Papers

Yoshinaka Kenta, Nagashima Hisae, Yanagita Yusuke, Hikosaka Kouki
ANNALS OF BOTANY   121(5) 1055-1064   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Watari Ryoji, Nagashima Hisae, Hirose Tadaki
ANNALS OF BOTANY   114(1) 179-190   Jul 2014   [Refereed]
Nagashima Hisae, Hikosaka Kouki
NEW PHYTOLOGIST   195(4) 803-811   Sep 2012   [Refereed]
Watari Ryoji, Nagashima Hisae, Hirose Tadaki
PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM   144(4) 335-345   Apr 2012   [Refereed]
Nishimura Eriko, Suzaki Emi, Irie Mami, Nagashima Hisae, Hirose Tadaki
ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH   25(2) 383-393   Mar 2010   [Refereed]
Ichihashi Ryuji, Nagashima Hisae, Tateno Masaki
ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH   24(2) 393-403   Mar 2009   [Refereed]
Niels P. R. Anten, Raquel Casado-Garcia, Hisae Nagashima
THE AMERICAN NATURALIST   166(6) 650-660   Dec 2005   [Refereed]
Kouki Hikosaka, Yusuke Onoda, Toshihiko Kinugasa, Hisae Nagashima, Niels P. R. Anten, Tadaki Hirose
ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH   20(3) 243-253   May 2005   [Refereed]
Kouki Hikosaka , Takashi Yamano, Hisae Nagashima, Tadaki Hirose
FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY   17(6) 786-795   Dec 2003   [Refereed]
Hisae Nagashima, Takashi Yamano, Kouki Hikosaka, Tadaki Hirose
GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY   9(4) 619-629   Apr 2003   [Refereed]
Christian Damgaard, Jacob Weiner, Hisae Nagashima
JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY   90(4) 666-671   Aug 2002   [Refereed]
Kouki Hikosaka, Hisae Nagashima, Yuko Harada, Tadaki Hirose
FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY   15(5) 642-646   Dec 2001   [Refereed]
Hisae Nagashima
ANNALS OF BOTANY   83(5) 501-507   May 1999   [Refereed]
Niels.P.R. Anten, Kae Miyazawa, Kouki Hikosaka, Hisae Nagashima, Tadaki Hirose
OECOLOGIA   113(3) 314-324   Jan 1998   [Refereed]
Hisae Nagashima, Ichiro Terashima
ANNALS OF BOTANY   75(2) 181-188   Feb 1995   [Refereed]
Yasunori Inoue, Hisae Nagashima
JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY   137(6) 669-673   Apr 1991   [Refereed]


Effects of plant density on frequency distributions of plant height in Chenopodium album stands : Analysis based on continuous monitoring of height-growth of individual palnts.
Annals of Botany   75(2) 173-180   1995
Relationships between height, diameter and weight distributions of Chenopodium album plants in satnds : Effects of dimension and Allometry.
Annals of Botany   75(2) 181-188   1995
Photoperceptive site in phytochrome-mediated lettuce(Lactuca sativa L. cv. Grand Rapids)seed germination. (共著)
Journal of Plant Physiology   137(6) 669-673   1991

Research Grants & Projects

Study on plant growth under competition
Project Year: 1999 - 2005