OYAMA Tokitaka

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OYAMA Tokitaka
Kyoto University
Doctor of Science(Kyoto University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Nagoya University Graduate School of Science, Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science,School of Science Biological Science


Plant Molecular Genetics, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Kyoto University
Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Monitoring single-cell bioluminescence of Arabidopsis leaves to quantitatively evaluate the efficiency of a transiently introduced CRISPR/Cas9 system targeting the circadian clock gene ELF3
Yuki Kanesaka, Masaaki Okada, Shogo Ito, Tokitaka Oyama
Plant Biotechnology   36 in press   2019   [Refereed]
KaiC family proteins integratively control temperature-dependent UV resistance in Methylobacterium extorquens AM1.
Iguchi, H., Yoshida, Y., Fujisawa, K., Taga, T., Yurimoto, H., Oyama, T., Sakai, Y.
Environmental Microbiology Reports   10(6) 634-643   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Use of a duckweed species, Wolffiella hyalina, for whole-plant observation of physiological behavior at the single-cell level
Isoda, M, Oyama, T.
Plant Biotechnology   35(4) 387-391   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Long-term monitoring of bioluminescence circadian rhythms of cells in a transgenic Arabidopsis mesophyll protoplast culture.
Nakamura, S., Oyama, T.
Plant Biotechnology   35(3) 291-295   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Muranaka, T., Oyama, T.
Journal of Plant Research   131(1) 15-21   Jan 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Linde, A.-M., Eklund, D.M., Kubota, A., Pederson, E., Holm, K., Gyllenstrand, N., Nishihama, R., Cronberg, N., Muranaka, T., Oyama, T., Kohchi, T., Lagercrantz, U.
New phytologist   17(2) 569-590   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
Synchrony of plant cellular circadian clocks with heterogeneous properties under light/dark cycles.
Okada, M., Muranaka, T., Ito, S., Oyama, T.
Scientific Reports   7 317   2017   [Refereed]
Muranaka, T., Oyama, T.
Science Advances   2 e1600500   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
Muranaka, T., Okada, M., Yomo, J., Kubota, S., Oyama, T
Plant Biol.   17 66-74   2015   [Refereed]
Ito-Miwa, K, Serikawa, M., Kondo, T., Oyama, T
Plant Biotech.   31 319-328   2014   [Refereed]
T. Muranaka; S. Kubota; T. Oyama
Plant and Cell Physiology   54(12) 2085-2093   Dec 2013   [Refereed]
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Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics   86(4)    Oct 2012   [Refereed]
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Journal of Biological Chemistry   287(5) 3241-3248   Jan 2012   [Refereed]
Y. Taniguchi; N. Takai; M. Katayama; T. Kondo; T. Oyama
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America   107(7) 3263-3268   Feb 2010   [Refereed]
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Journal of Bacteriology   190(5) 1691-1698   Mar 2008   [Refereed]
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Self-organizing researcher networks in the plant sciences.
Dodd, A., Harper, H., Hiscock, J. S., Koch, M. A., Kudoh, H., Oyama, T., Schumacher, K., Shimada, S., Tamura, M. N.
Plants People Planet   1(1) 44-37   Jan 2019   [Refereed]

Books etc

The application of single cell bioluminescent imaging to monitor circadian rhythms of individual plant cells (Bioluminescent imaging: Methods and protocols, Steven Ripp ed.)
Tomoaki Muranaka, Tokitaka Oyama (Part:Joint Work, 1 section)
Springer   2019   
Photoperiodic control of flowering: Lemna plants.
Ito-Miwa K, Oyama T(総説集の一部)
In “Photoperiodism: The biological calendar”. Edited by Nelson RJ, Denlinger DL, Somers DE. Oxford University Press, New York, pp74-87 (2010)   
The Kai Oscillator
Oyama T, Kondo T(総説集の一部)
In “Bacterial circadian clock and rhythms book”. Edited by Johnson CH, Mackey SR, Ditty JL. Springer Publishing New York, pp87-101 (2009)   

Conference Activities & Talks

Characteristics of cellular circadian oscillators  in plants:  Heterogeneity and Synchronization [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka
Special seminar at Plant Sciences and Food Security/Tel Aviv University   16 Sep 2019   
Circadian Rhythms and single-cell analysis in duckweed [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka
The 5th International Conference of Duckweed Research and Applications at Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel   10 Sep 2019   
SIngle cell circadian analysis in duckweed [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka
Plant & Animal Genome Conference 2019 at San Diego, USA   16 Jan 2019   
What happens in duckweeds assoiated with housemate bacteria [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka, Shogo Ito
Core to Core Program A. Advanced Research Networks on Establishment of an international research core for bio-research fields with microbes from tropical areas   24 Nov 2018   
Properties of cellular circadian rhythms in plants [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka
12th International Congress of the International Plant Molecular Biology   9 Aug 2018   
Mutational pathways in loss of the oscillatory functions of Prochlorococcus KaiBs [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka
Circadian Clock of Cyanobacteria during 1991-2017   12 Mar 2017   
Getting an academic position in Japan -The system and processes- [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka
A Career Talk at University of Bristol   16 Feb 2017   
Monitoring circadian rhythms of individual cells in a plant body: Exploring the plant clock system as a society of oscillators [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka
Research Seminar at Dartmouth College   28 Mar 2016   
Using duckweeds for basic research in plant physiology: Exploring plant biological clock systems [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka
The Third International Conference on Duckweed Research and Applications   5 Jul 2015   
Analysis of cellular circadian rhythms in the plant body for the detection of their physiological interaction [Invited]
OYAMA Tokitaka
RNA and Clock 2015 "Epigenetic Landscape in Biological Rhythms"   26 Mar 2015