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Kansai University
Faculty of Chemistry, Materials and BioengineeringDepartment of Chemistry and Materials Engineering
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Doctor of Philosophy
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Department of material science and engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology
Materials science and engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Materials Science and Technology, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology

Awards & Honors

Jan 1997
Encouragement prize, Hokkaido Branch of The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
Jun 2001
The 18th Encouragement priz, Kansai Branch of Japan Foundrymen's Society
Jun 2001
Encouragement prize, Japan Thermal Spraying Society
Jun 2006
The 23th Encouragement prize, Kansai Branch of Japan Foundrymen's Society

Published Papers

Accelerative Evaporation Mechanism of Molten Pure Copper and High Carbon Iron by Urea Addition
MARUYAMA Toru;Hiroshi G. Katayama;Tadashi Momono
Testu-to-Hagane   第84巻,2号,91-96頁    Feb 1998
Evaporation Rate of Copper from Molten Iron by Urea Spraying under Reduced Pressure
MARUYAMA Toru;Hiroshi G.Katayama;Tadashi Momono;Yoshinori Tayu;Tomoo Takenouchi
Tetsu-to-Hagane   第84巻,4号,243-248頁    Apr 1998
Peritectic Transformation and Austenite Grain Formation for Hyper-peritectic Carbon Steel
MARUYAMA Toru;Kiyotaka Matsuura;Masayuki Kudoh;Yohichi Itoh
Tetsu-to-Hagane   第85巻,8号,585-591頁    Aug 1999
Effects of Carbon and Ferrite-stabilizing Elements on Austenite Grain Formation for Hypo-peritectic Carbon Steel
MARUYAMA Toru;Masayuki Kudoh;Yohichi Itoh
Tetsu-to-Hagane   第86巻,2号,86-91頁    Feb 2000
Surface conditions of substrate and adhesive property of sprayed coating
MARUYAMA Toru;Takeshi Kobayashi
Journal of Japan Thermal Spraying Society   第39巻,4号,144-149頁    Oct 2002
Kansai University Research Grants 20020401-20030331

Books etc

Surface State of Substrate and Adhesion of Thermal Sprayed Coatings
Aug 2011   

Conference Activities & Talks

Evaporation Behavior of Molten Copper and Pig Iron by Urea Additon.
Nov 1995   
Accelerative Evaporation of Copper from Molten Steel by Urea Spraying under Reduced Pressure.
Mar 1997   
Evaporation Rate of Copper from Liquid Iron by Urea Spraying under Reduced Pressure.
Sep 1997   
Development of Austenite Grain for Hyper-Peritectic Carbon Steel.
Mar 1998   
Transition from delta Dendrite to Austenite Grain for Peritectic Steel.
Sep 1998   


WO2007/126006 : Copper alloy for sliding maerial which has excellent bearing properties
5335558 : Lead-free copper alloy for casting with excellent mechanical properties
US 8470101 B2

Social Contribution

Visiting Resercher of Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology
[]  2003
Program Maneger, ”Kinki Area, Traing Project of Foundry Engineer”, Academia-Industry Joint Projects on Training Core Human Resources for Manufacturing
[]  2005