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Kindai University
Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology Department of Biomechanical and Human Factors Engineering
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Formulation to Inspect Qualities of Pyrolyzed Wood Pellets using CIELAB Color Parameters
Toru Sawai, Ichiro Katayama, Tamio Ida
Advanced Experimental Mechanics   3 65-71   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Improvement of color feelings prediction formulas to evaluate interior color combinations
Ichiro Katayama, Etsuko Funabiki, Sumio Yano
AIDIA Journal   17 86-93   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Toru Sawai, Ichiro Katayama, Tamio Ida, Hiroki Imamura Takeshi Kajimoto
Mechanical Engineering Journal   4(1)    Jan 2017   [Refereed]
Comparison of optimal illuminance and correlated color temperature for various daily-life activities -Experiment using LED lighting equipment that can adjust illuminance and correlated color temperature-
AIDIA Journal   14 89-99   Nov 2014   [Refereed]
Application of Color Feelings Prediction Formulae for Evaluation of Interior Coloration
Ichiro Katayama,Etsuko Funabiki,Sumio Yano
AIDIA Journal   11 106-112   Nov 2011   [Refereed]
Color Research and Application   35(6) 410-418   Dec 2010   [Refereed]
Influence of Illuminance and Chromaticity of Illuminant on Categorical Color Perception to Self-luminous Color Stimuli -Appearance of Small Self-luminous Color Stimuli in a Room-
AIDIA Journal   10 143-151   Nov 2010   [Refereed]
Influence of Color Vision Characteristics on Categorical Color Perception to Self-luminous Color Stimuli
AIDIA Journal   10 152-160   Nov 2010   [Refereed]
Properties of Daylight Measured Indoors -A Comparison of North and South-facing Window Light-
Ichiro Katayama, Tsutomu Aoki
AIDIA Journal   9 142-147   Nov 2009   [Refereed]
Elapse Change in Color Rendering Properties of Fluorescent Lamps
Ichiro Katayama,Tsutomu Aoki   
AIDIA Journal   7 142-148   Oct 2007   [Refereed]
J. Light and Visual Environment   31(2) 80-88   Aug 2007   [Refereed]
Effects of Chromatic Illuminant on Color Emotion and Peripheral Blood Flow
Ichiro Katayama, Naoko Kagawa, Tsutomu Aoki  
AIDIA Journal   6 174-179   Oct 2006   [Refereed]
Age-related Changes in Whiteness Evaluation under Various Illumination
AIDIA Journal   5 217-221   Nov 2005   [Refereed]
Effect of the Correlated Color Temperature of Space Illumination on the Hue Discrimination
Ichiro Katayama, Tsutomu Aoki 
AIDIA Journal   4 13-18   Oct 2004   [Refereed]


Characteristics of the tooth crown colours of people in fashion magazines
339-343   Sep 2018
Effects of Watercolor Illusion on Perceived Whiteness
Ichiro Katayama, Shoko Isawa , Yoshihiko Nakamura, Sumio Yano
AIC2016 Conference Proceedings   314-317   Oct 2016
Toru Sawai, Ichiro Katayama, Tamio Ida, Takeshi Kajimoto
The 12th International Conference on Power Engeneering      Dec 2015
Development of a formula for estimating properties of upgraded wood pellets by pyrolysis treatment using colorimetric values
Toru Sawai, Ichiro Katayama, Tamio Ida, Takeshi Kajimoto, Hiroki Imamura
The 10th International Symposium on Advanced Science and Technology in Experimental Mechanics      Nov 2015
Performance comparison of various whiteness formulas based on visual evaluation experiments
Ichiro Katayama
Proceedings of 28th CIE Session 2015   1072-1080   Jul 2015
The relationship between whiteness perception of watercolor illusion and color vision characteristics
Shoko Isawa, Koichi Iga, Ichiro Katayama, Tsuneo Suzuki
AIC2015 Conference Proceedings   835-838   May 2015
Relationship between perceived whiteness and color vision characteristics
Ichiro Katayama, Koichi Iga, Shoko Isawa, Tsuneo Suzuki 
AIC2015 Conference Proceedings   782-786   May 2015
Optical design of sunglass lenses for archery competitions using CIECAM02
Ichiro Katayama, MasahIchiro Katayama, Kenta Noda, Noboru Kawanishi 
AIC2014 Conference Proceedings   717-721   Oct 2014
Evaluation of color discrimination property for sunglasses based on the color gamut area ratio
Ichiro Katayama, Masahiko Okamoto, Kimio Matsumoto, Kenta Noda
AIC2013 Conference Proceedings   181-184   Jul 2013
Testing the performance of whiteness formulas using the PF/3 and STRESS indices
Manuel Melgosa, Ichiro Katayama, Maria D. Huete, Pedro A. García
AIC2013 Conference Proceedings   173-176   Jul 2013
Comparison of Various Whiteness Formulae based on Results of Whiteness Evaluation Experiments
Ichiro Katayama, Hiroko Uchida, Hiroaki Sobagaki, Gorow Baba
AIC2012 Conference Proceedings   610-613   Sep 2012
Whiteness of paper containing fluorescent whitening agent under white LED and fluorescent lamp illumination
AIC2011 Conference Proceedings   463-466   Jun 2011
Journal of Light and Visual Environment   25(2)    2001
Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan   85(5) 338   2001
Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan   83(11) 847   1999

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