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Faculty of Literature, Kansai University
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kansai University

Published Papers

Taisho-ki fujin mondai bunken shusei (Maikurofirumuban 214reels.) ni tsuite (On ”A Collection of Documentation on Women's Issues in Taisho Period” – microfilm, 214 reels)
OHYA Wataru;
in Kansai Daigaku Toshokan Fooramu (Kansai University Library Forum), vol. 6, Kansai University Library   pp.25-27    Jun 2001
Kitamura Kaneko and Taiwan
OYA Wataru;
第55巻第3号77-100頁    Dec 2005
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 20050401-20060331
Recollections of Japan in Taiwan: Accounts of Higher Education
OYA Wataru;
第56巻第4号47-71頁    Mar 2007
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 20060401-20070331
Recollections of Japan in Taiwan (2): Accounts of Higher Education
OYA Wataru;
第57巻第2号27-57頁    Oct 2007
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 20070401-20080331
Recollections of Japan in Taiwan (3):Accounts of Higher Education
第58巻第4号1-21頁    Mar 2009

Books etc

Kanno Suga to Isonokami Tsuyuko (Suga Kanno and Tsuyuko Isonokami)
OHYA Wataru;
Toho Shuppan   May 1989   
 Kanno Suga was the only female member of the group implicated in the infamous assassination plot against the Emperor in the final year of the Meiji Period. This book overthrows the fictional image of Kanno illustrated in the existing biographical...
Tenrikyo no Shitekikenkyu (a Historical Study of Tenrikyo)
OHYA Wataru;
Toho Shuppan   Sep 1996   
 This book is a revised and enlarged edition of kyohashinto and modern Japan: a Historical Study of Tenrikyo (Toho Shuppan 1992). The main object of this study is Tenrikyo, the religion that achieved the greatest development among the kyohashinto,...
Kitamura Kaneko: Honoo no Jaanarisuto (Kitamura Kaneko, a Revolutional Journalist)
OHYA Wataru;
Toho Shuppan   Dec 1999   
This book is a critical biography of Kitamura Kaneko, the most radical liberalist among the Japanese women in the 1920s. Kitamura was born in Tenma, Osaka in November of 1903. Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Umeda Girl's High School (renamed as O...
Isonokami Tsuyuko Zenshuu (A Complete Works of Isonokami Tsuyuko)
OHYA Wataru;
Toho Shuppan   Jun 1998   
 This book includes the entire collection of the works that Isonokami Tsuyuko (1882-1959) produced from the time she was eleven years old till her later years.

 After collecting every available piece of literature written by Isonokami, a detail...
Shakaiseikatsu no Shosou, ”Various Aspects of Everyday Life in the Society” in Higashi Osaka shishi, Kindai II (History of Higashi Osaka City, Modern, vol.II)
OHYA Wataru; (Part:Joint Work)
eds., Publication Committee of History of Higashi Osaka City, City of Higashi Osaka   Feb 1997   
This article is divided into two chapters: the first chapter titled ”Expansion of Osaka City and the Changes of the City Limit”, and the second ”Development of New Religious Movement”. The article describes various aspects of everyday life of Higa...

Conference Activities & Talks

Kirsten Hagen's Devotion
4 May 2016   
Taisho to Early Showa History of Japanese Women and Taiwan: Kaneko Kitamura's connection with Women's Daily Newspaper and Taiwan People's News
OYA Wataru;;
15 Mar 2006   
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 20040401-20060331
Kirsten Hagen's Devotion
25 Apr 2016