SUN Xiaogang

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SUN Xiaogang
Doctor (Area Studies)(Kyoto University), Master in Environmental Science(University of Tsukuba)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

Committee Memberships

The Society for Ecological Anthropology  


Longitudinal and Comparative Study in Search of the Continuity and Potential in Pastoral Subsistence of East Africa
MILA: A Journal of the Institute of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies   10    2009
Dynamics of Continuity and Changes of Pastoral Subsistence among the Rendille in Northern Kenya: With Special Reference to Livestock Management and Response to Socio-Economic Changes
31    2005
Nomadic Pastoralists Adapting to the Challenge of Sedentarization in Arid Area of East Africa
37    2009
Pastoralists’ Potential and Challenge to Development: A Case Study of the Rendille in Northern Kenya
10    2007
Mobility, Resource Management, and Development among the Rendille Pastoralists of Kenya
Proceedings of Kyoto Symposium “Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries and Re-visioning Area Studies: Perspectives from Asia and Africa”   433-442   2006

Books etc

Anthropology of Nomadic Pastoralism and Sedentarization
Showado   2012   


Anthropological fieldwork on the nomadic pastoralists in the arid area of northern Kenya