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Nagoya Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Engineering Shikumi College
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Associate Professor
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2003
Mar 2006
Special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Apr 2006
Mar 2007
Research Assistant, School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Apr 2007
Feb 2009
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Mar 2009
Sep 2018
Associate Professor, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Institute for Molecular Science
Oct 2018
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Shikumi College, Nagoya Institute of Technology


Apr 1993
Mar 1999
Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
Apr 1999
Mar 2001
Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Kyoto University
Apr 2001
Mar 2004
Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Kandori H, Furutani Y, Shimono K, Shichida Y, Kamo N.
Biochemistry   40(51) 15693-15698   2001   [Refereed]
Kandori H, Furutani Y, Nishimura S, Shichida Y, Chosrowjan H, Shibata Y, Mataga N.
Chemical Physics Letters   334(4-6) 271-276   2001   [Refereed]
Furutani Y, Iwamoto M, Shimono K, Kamo N, Kandori H.
Biophysical Journal   83(6) 3482-3489   2002   [Refereed]
Shimono K, Furutani Y, Kandori H, Kamo N.
Biochemistry   41(20) 6504-6509   May 2002   [Refereed]
Iwamoto M, Furutani Y, Sudo Y, Shimono K, Kandori H, Kamo N.
Biophysical Journal   83(2) 1130-1135   Aug 2002   [Refereed]
Tanimoto T, Furutani Y, Kandori H.
Biochemistry   42(8) 2300-2306   Mar 2003   [Refereed]
Iwamoto M, Furutani Y, Kamo N, Kandori H.
Biochemistry   42(10) 2790-2796   Mar 2003   [Refereed]
Furutani Y, Sudo Y, Kamo N, Kandori H.
Biochemistry   42(17) 4837-4842   May 2003   [Refereed]
Furutani Y, Kandori H, Shichida Y.
Biochemistry   42(28) 8494-8500   Jul 2003   [Refereed]
Shimono K, Furutani Y, Kamo N, Kandori H.
Biochemistry   42(25) 7801-7806   Jul 2003   [Refereed]


Yuji Furutani, Mikihiro Shibata, Hideki Kandori
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences   4(9) 661-666   Feb 2005   [Refereed]
Yuji Furutani, Yuki Sudo, Hideki Kandori
Current topics in biochemical research   10(2) 63-77   2008   [Refereed]
Yuji Furutani, Hideki Kandori
Molecular Membrane Biology   19(4) 257-265   Jul 2009   [Refereed]
Hideki Kandori, Yuki Sudo and Yuji Furutani
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology   2010 Article ID 424760   May 2010   [Refereed]
Akira Kawanabe, Yuji Furutani, Kwang-Hwan Jung, Hideki Kandori
The Journal of Microbiology   49(1) 1-6   Mar 2011   [Refereed]
Yuji Furutani, Hideki Kandori
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics   1837(5) 598-605   Sep 2013   [Refereed]
Hideki Kandori, Yuji Furutani, Takeshi Murata
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics   1847(1) 134-141   Aug 2014   [Refereed][Invited]
Yuji Furutani
Biophysical Reviews   10(2) 235-239   Nov 2017   [Refereed][Invited]

Books etc

Optogenetics -Light-Sensing Proteins and Their Applications-
Yuji Furutani (Part:Contributor, Molecular Mechanisms for Ion Transportation of Microbial Rhodopsins Studied by Light-Induced Difference FTIR Spectroscopy)
Springer   2015   ISBN:978-4-431-55515-5

Conference Activities & Talks

Role of Asp193 in Chromophore-Protein Interaction of pharaonis Phoborhodopsin (Sensory Rhodopsin II)
Masayuki Iwamoto, Yuji Furutani, Yuki Sudo, Kazumi Shimono, Hideki Kandori, Naoki Kamo
1st Asian Conference on Photobiology   Jun 2002   
Structural Changes of Rhodopsin: What is the Difference between Lumirhodopsin and Metarhodopsin I [Invited]
Yuji Furutani
University of Guelph, Biochemistry Seminar   Aug 2002   
Structural Changes in the Lumirhodopsin –to–Metarhodopsin I Conversion Determines the Property of Intermediate’s Photoreaction at 78K
Yuji Furutani, Hideki Kandori, Yoshinori Shichida
10th International Conference of Retinal Proteins   Aug 2002   
Hydrogen Bonding Strength Changes of Internal Water Molecules in Bovine Rhodopsin
Yuji Furutani, Yoshinori Shichida, Hideki Kandori
The 2002 COE Conference of IMS “Dynamical Structures and Molecular Design of Metalloproteins”   Nov 2002   
FTIR分光法によるロドプシン活性化機構の解明 [Invited]
古谷 祐詞
分子科学研究所研究会「ロドプシンの分子科学」   May 2003