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4 2014 - 3 2017

Reconsidering "Community-based Tourism" among ethnic minorities in Africa

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In Africa, tourism is one of the fastest growing markets, and, there are high expectations that tourism can contribute not only to economic development, but also to empower marginalized populations, to preserve their cultural heritage and to conserve the environment. This research project, based on multiple years of ethnographic research, analyzes cases of community-based eco- and cultural-tourism that span East, Central and Southern Africa. In all cases, it is shown that while the tourism can help address some of the local challenges, from the vantage point of African participants, tourism might not be considered a panacea. African participants make pragmatic choices in respect to tourism, opting to move in and out of the sector based on their perceptions of the opportunities tourism gives. There is a marked degree of flexibility and fluidity in Africans’ tourism participation in all the case studies, and this is mostly the result of individuals’ agency