SAWADA Takahito

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SAWADA Takahito
University of Shizuoka
Faculty of International Relations, Department of International Languages and Cultures
Job title
Associate Professor
Master of Education(Oklahoma City University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Griffith University, Visiting Fellow


Faculty of Literature, Waseda University


Quality Upgrade for Immigrants' Cultural Capital,Human Capital and Social Capital
Takahito Sawada
Immigration Reserach Letter   1(8-9)    2008
Whiteness of the National Biography: J.C.Smuts' Holism in Austaralian National Dictionary of Biography
Takahito Sawada
Oceania Studies and Reviews, Specail Edition   (1-20)    2008
Maori Intellectuals, Globalization and De-colonization of Scientific Knowledge
Takahito Sawada
Oceania Studies and Reviews   17    2006
Watching TV and Social Capital
Takahito Sawada
Language and Culture, University of Shizuoka   11(15-24)    2008
OECD and Australia: Educational Policy from International and domestic viewpoints
Takahito Sawada
Oceania Studies and Reviews   16(1-8)    2007

Books etc

Globalization: A Study on Marketization of Australian Education
Oceania Press   2005   ISBN:487203094X
OECD,Responding to Student Expectaions
Oceania Press (OECD Japanese Publication Program)   2003   ISBN:4872030877
OECD, Knowledge Management-New Challenges for Educational Research
Oceania Press (OECD Japanese Publication Program)   2004   ISBN:4872030915
OECD, Knowledge Management- Innovation in the Knowledge Economy: Immplications for Education and Learning
Oceania Press (OECD Japanese Publication Program)   2006   ISBN:9784872030983

Research Grants & Projects

Immigration and Whiteness
Project Year: 2008 - 2018
Immigration System
Project Year: 2008 - 2018
Dominion Science
Project Year: 2008 - 2018