HIBINO Tadashi

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HIBINO Tadashi
Hiroshima University
Graduate School of Engineering, Social and Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering Social and Environmental Engineering
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas



A study of anoxic water structures generated in deep bay enclosed by tsunami breakwaters
Environmental Coastal Regions, WITPRESS   373-382   1998
Water Circulation System in Enclosed Bay and its Utilization for Water Quality Management
The 1st Joint Meeting of the CEST Panel of the UJNR   14.1-20   1998
The 'Diamond Grace' Oil Spill : Behavior of Spilled Oil and Environmental - Ecological Monitoring
The 1st Joint Meeting of the CEST Panel of the UJNR   32.1-6   1998
The use of ground based high frequency radar techniques for the characterisation of river overflows in Tokyo Bay
2nd Inter-Regional Conference on Environment-Water Institut d'Amenagement des Terres et des Eaux      1999
Consequence of ocean currents for estuary water quality along Sanriku shore
The 2nd Joint Meeting of the CEST Panel of the UJNR   43-51   1999


Study on utilize of water quality observation data in Seto inland sea

Research Grants & Projects

Consequences of North West Pacific Oscillation for estuarine water quality around Japanese coast
Study on the material circulation in Seto inland sea
Generation and Breakdown Mechanisms for Anoxic Layers in Ohfunato Bay