Karasawa Kiyomi

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Karasawa Kiyomi
Niigata Seiryo University
Faculty of Nursing, Department of Nursing
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2015
Mar 2017
Associate Professor, Niigata Seiryo University
Apr 2017
Professor, Niigata Seiryo University


Mar 2001
Graduate School, Division of Economics, Niigata University
Mar 2007
Graduate School, Division of Modern Social Culture, Niigata University

Published Papers

Shimizu Utako, Uehara Kimiko, Krasawa Kiyomi, Ishizaki Kaori, Nonaka Tomoko, Ike Mutsumi, Fukuda Chieko, Taguchi Megumi, Aoki Hagiko
Global Journal of Health Scinece   10(5) 127-137   May 2018
Purpose: To establish and understand nurses' practical wisdom and interventions of support for dementia and possible dementia patients at hospital outpatient wards.Methods: A qualitative design was used to collect data through semi-structured focu...
Nakamura Keiko, Karasawa Kiyomi, Nakamura Keiko
新潟青陵学会誌   7(3) 13-24   Mar 2015
The objective of this paper is, from analyses of the listening training introduced to the first year curriculum of the nursing students, to structure knowledge, skills and attitudes for listening, and to clarify the outcomes and agendas of listeni...
Karasawa Kiyomi, Nakamura Keiko, Nakamura Keiko
新潟青陵学会誌   7(1) 11-22   Sep 2014
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the effects of reading guidance that was undertaken as an organizational initiative in the first-year training to nursing students. Based on pre-guidance factor analysis on 28 items listed in a reading metho...
久保田 美雪, 中村 圭子, 柄澤 清美
新潟青陵学会誌   5(1) 11-21   Sep 2012
Kiyomi Karasawa, Miyuki Kubota, Mayumi Sugawara
Journal of Niigata Seiryo academic society   2(1) 19-29   Mar 2010
A multi-tasking exercise is to simulate nursing, including administration of medications, observation of patient's condition for examination, and response to patient's inquiries or requests,while handling multiple patients. We implemented this exe...
Kiyomi Karasawa, Noriko Nakazawa, Fumiko Watanabe, Miyuki Watanab
Journal of Niigata Seiryo academic society   1(1) 71-80   Mar 2009
By adopting a historical research approach, we analyzed a 13-year effort at bedsoreprevention, undertaken at a ward where no case requiring treatment has been reported for thelast four years, although many of the patients were at high risk. Our an...
Keiko Nakamura, Yoshiko Arai, Kiyomi Karasawa
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   7 187-197   Mar 2007
This paper analyzes the records of clinical practice of Geriatric Nursing and incidentsencountered during such practice, and examines the failures and the factors causing such failures.The failures are identified at each stage of assessment and cl...
Kiyomi.Karasawa, Keiko.Nakamura, Yoshiko Arai
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   7 199-209   Mar 2007
This paper examines the formative assessment for the individual practice guidance.The information employed by three teachers for assessment and their ways to relate thoseinformation with assessment are compared and analyzed here.As the result, the...
Kiyomi Karasawa, Keiko Nakamura, Kiyoko Yanagihara
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   5 141-163   Mar 2005
This paper focuses on the procedures at the conference for clinical practice in geriatric nursing. This indicates theprocess by which we can explore the meaning of students' experiences in nursing.As a result, what the teachers have carried out as...
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   3(3) 115-132   Mar 2003
The Yokufuen is a geriatric care setting established in 1927 under the Imperial Foundation. It was under the direct control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, generously sponsored by the Imperial Foundation, and for those days was an outstanding...
Yanagihara Kiyoko, Karasawa Kiyomi
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   3 223-232   Mar 2003
This research investigates and analyzes the consciousness, an idea, technology, etc. The number of 1,002 institutional staffs (included 838 care staffs) were investigated about the consciousness of terminal care, a place-of-work situation, care sk...
Karasawa Kiyomi
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   2, 71-80 71-80   Mar 2002
Medical security in Japan significantly increased with the start of a system of health insurance for the whole nation in 1961. However, health care coverage for the aged was treated lightly in this system. Thus, local public bodies adopted a syste...

Conference Activities & Talks

野尻清香, 柄澤清美, 土本千春, 柳原清子, 土山和美, 白藤恵里子, 海道智美, 宇都宮啓子
日本家族看護学会学術集会プログラム・抄録集   4 Sep 2019   
長谷川誓子, 番場里子, 小泉里佳, 柄澤清美
日本透析医学会雑誌   29 Jun 2018   
家族看護実践の事例研究を考える 「日本の現場発看護学」の開発を目指す実践者と研究者の協働モデル
山本 則子, 池田 真理, 野口 麻衣子, 岩戸 さゆき, 辻村 真由子, 吉岡 大晶, 柄澤 清美, 吉田 滋子, 上別府 圭子
日本家族看護学会学術集会   28 Aug 2016   

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Beginning and changes of elderly-people medical security