Kubota Miyuki

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Kubota Miyuki
Niigata Seiryo University
Faculty of Nursing, Department of Nursing
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Kubota Miyuki, Watanabe Noriko, Kobayashi Masako, Kawauchi Hiromi, Kobayashi Miyoko
Maternal health   54(4) 636-642   Jan 2014
This study aims to clarify the working conditions of full-time midwives who work at hospitals in Niigata Prefecture. We conducted a self-administered questionnaire survey with 43 nursing supervisors from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology...
Kawauchi Hiromi, Watanabe Noriko, Kubota Miyuki, Kobayashi Masako, Kobayashi Miyoko
Maternal health   54(2) 370-378   Jul 2013
Using the keywords "perinatal care", "employment of midwives", "use of midwives" and "how midwives work", we collected and reviewed 192 papers on the work of midwives in perinatal care published in Japan from 1983 to 2011 in order to clarify trend...
久保田 美雪, 中村 圭子, 柄澤 清美
新潟青陵学会誌   5(1) 11-21   Sep 2012
Shibata Emi, Watanabe Noriko, Kubota Miyuki
Journal of Niigata Seiryo Academic Society   3(1) 109-118   Sep 2010
Kobayashi Miyoko, Motai Junko, Watanabe Noriko, Ikeda Kayoko, Kobayashi Masako, Kawauchi Hiromi, Kubota Miyuki, Hando Tamotsu
Journal of Niigata Seiryo Academic Society   3(1) 99-107   Sep 2010
Ikeda Kayoko, Kawauchi Hiromi, Watanabe Noriko, Kobayashi Miyoko, Kobayashi Masako, Motai Junko, Kubota Miyuki, Hando Tamotsu
Journal of Niigata Seiryo Academic Society   3(1) 91-98   Sep 2010
Watanabe Noriko, Kubota Miyuki, Kobayashi Masako, Kobayashi Miyoko, Ikeda Kayoko, Kawauchi Hiromi, Motai Junko, Hando Tamotsu
Journal of Niigata Seiryo Academic Society   3(1) 81-90   Sep 2010
Kiyomi Karasawa, Miyuki Kubota, Mayumi Sugawara
Journal of Niigata Seiryo academic society   2(1) 19-29   Mar 2010
A multi-tasking exercise is to simulate nursing, including administration of medications, observation of patient's condition for examination, and response to patient's inquiries or requests,while handling multiple patients. We implemented this exe...
Asako Izu, Miyuki Kubota, Mamoru Naito
Journal of Niigata Seiryo academic society   1(1) 61-70   Mar 2009
A questionnaire was given to 80 third-year students in the nursing department of AUniversity, who had completed field practice in separate fields, with the object of clarifying andsounding out measures to deal with the situation relating to accide...
Hiromi Kawauchi, Noriko Watanabe, Kyoko Oyanagi, Miyuki Kubota
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   8(8) 139-148   Mar 2008
Behaviors of adolescent children concerning sex have been remarked. It is said that theconversation at home is important as one of the ways for the resolution. Then, we carried outunsigned questionnaire at the seminar concerning sex for parents (a...
Noriko Watanabe, Miyuki Kubota, Tomoi Ishizaki, Kyoko Oyanagi
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   8(8) 29-39   Mar 2008
We carried out questionnaire concerning cellular phone at junior high school, high school, anduniversity to find the state of use and the influence on the environment of living for junior highschool, high school, and university students.The result...
渡邊 典子, 久保田 美雪, 石崎 トモイ
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   (8) 31-40   2008
Hando Tamotsu, Kobayashi Masako, Kubota Miyuki
Maternal health   48(1) 21-28   Apr 2007
We analyzed the present status concerning sexual behavior and knowledge about sexually transmitted infections (STI) in 381 university students (male 100, female 281 persons) by the unsigned questionnaire method. Peak incidence of first coitus was ...
Kubota Miyuki, Watanabe Noriko, Oyanagi Kyoko, Kawauchi Hiromi
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   6(6) 43-54   Mar 2006
We conduct questionnaire to know the evaluation of the peer counseling enterprise, the changesof the people attending the lecture and, the existence of the difference of the way of thinking aboutsex.The results of the survey are as follows.1.The e...
Miyuki Kubota, Noriko Watanabe, Kyoko Oyanagi
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   5(5) 189-200   Mar 2005
We investigate the Life-style (sides of companion, belongings, money, sense of sex and means of coping withdesire) of high school students and examine the consequence related to existence of the experience of sexualintercourse.The consequences of ...
Ikeda Kayoko, Kubota Miyuki, Watanabe Noriko
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   4(4) 187-194   Mar 2004
The purpose of this survey for 304 high school students(116 boys and 188 girls)is to make sure how high school students who possess cellular phones use their phones, what they use their phones for, to what extent they get information about sex, ho...
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   3(3) 183-191   Mar 2003
We carried out questionnaire concerning AIDS at high schools in Niigata prefecture, and investigated the consequence. The number of the pupils who know what kind of disease AIDS like, is 1064 (58.5%), the number of the pupils who don't know is 121...
Bulletin of Niigata Seiryo University   3(3) 141-159   Mar 2003
A survey was made to high school student in Niigata prefecture about their daily life, how much information they have got about sex ,and to what degree they have been conscious of sex and then we compared the result in 2001 with that in 1984 on th...


河内 浩美, 久保田 美雪, 渡邊 典子, 小柳 恭子
母性衛生   46(3) 170-170   Sep 2005

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The Subjective Experience of the Students Who Measure Fundamental Temperature Using Ran's Night Self
Miyuki Kubota、Noriko Watanabe、Kyoko Oyanagi
The Icm Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2015   20 Jun 2015   

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