ORII, Mamiko

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ORII, Mamiko
Alternative names
Mamiko Orii-Akita, Mamiko Akita-Orii
Waseda University
Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences School of Education
Job title
M.A.(University of Durham(U.K.))
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Chiba University, lecturer
University of Electro-Communications


School of Education, Waseda University
Department of Linguistics and English language, University of Durham

Published Papers

Human cognitive processing and the interactive teaching method in EFL listening comprehension.
Mamiko, Orii-Akita.
62 1-12   2014
Global Foreign Accent and Classroom Input in L2 Perception and Production.
Akita, M.
Proceedings of the 30th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, Cascadilla Press.   1 1-14   2006
The effectiveness of a prosody-oriented approach in L2 perception and production
Akita, M.
Proceedings of the 29th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development   1 24-36   2005
The acquisition of the IP structure of relative clauses in L2 learners of Japanese
Oga, K. & Akita, M.
Proceedings of the 2004 International Symposium on Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching   544-549   2005
Prenominal modification in L2 learners of Japanese.
Oga, K. & Akita, M.
Journal of Hokkaido University of Education   55(2) 1-16   2005

Research Grants & Projects

The effectiveness of interactive teaching methods in EFL classrooms: a comparison with bottom-up and top-down methods.
Project Year: Apr 2012 - Mar 2016
This study evaluated the effectiveness of three teaching methods that employ three models of listening comprehension; bottom-up, top-down, and interactive; in the context of teaching English listening comprehension to Japanese university students....
Global Foreign Accent and the effectiveness of the prosody-oriented approach.
This pretest-treatment-posttest-delayed-posttest design study investigated the relationship between global foreign accent(GFA), which is an impressionistic judgement of overall non-native pronunciation(see Anderson-Hsieh, Johnson & Koehler 1992) a...