MAEDA Yasushi

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MAEDA Yasushi
University of Fukui
工学修士(Kyoto University), 工学博士(Kyoto University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Jan 2003
Professor, Fukui University
Jun 1998
Jan 2003
Associate Professor, Fukui University
Apr 1992
Jun 1998
Research Assistant, Toyama University
Apr 1987
Mar 1992
Researcher, Sumitomo Chemical Co.


Apr 1985
Mar 1987
Kyoto University
Apr 1981
Mar 1985
Kyoto University

Published Papers

Synthesis of polyvinyl alcohol stereoblock copolymer via the combination of living cationic polymerization and RAFT/MADIX polymerization using xanthate with vinyl ether moiety
A. H. Ma’Radzi, S. Sugihara, T. Toida, Y.Maeda
Polymer   55 5332-5345   Sep 2014   [Refereed]
Infrared Spectroscopic Study on LCST Behavior of Poly(N,N-bis(2-methoxyethyl)acrylamide)
T.Hidaka, S. Sugihara, Y.Maeda
49 675-681   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Synthesis of dual thermoresponsive ABA triblock copolymers by both living cationic vinyl polymerization and RAFT polymerization using a dicarboxylic RAFT agent
S. Sugihara, K. Iwata, S. Miura, A. H. Ma'Radzi, Y.Maeda
Polymer   54 1043-1052   Feb 2013   [Refereed]
Thermochromic Microgels and Core-Shell Microgels Based on Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
K.Okada, Y.Maeda
130(1) 201-205   Jan 2013   [Refereed]


Macromol. Sympo.   303(1) 63-70   2011
Y.Maeda, Takaku, S.
J. Phys. Chem. B   114 13110-13115   2010
M.R.Berber, H. Mori, I.H.Hafez, K. Minagawa, M. Tanaka, T.Niidome, Y.Katayama, A.Maruyama, T.Hirano, Y.Maeda, T. Mori
J. Phys.Chem. B   114(23) 7784-7790   2010
T. Mori, S.Beppu, M.R.Berber, H.Mori, T.Makimura, A.Tsukamoto, K.Minagawa, T.Hirano, M.Tanaka, T.Niidome, Y.Katayama, T.Hirano, Y.Maeda
Langmuir   26(12) 9224-9232   2010
Y.Maeda, J.Sakamoto, S.Wang, Y.Mizuno
J. Phys. Chem. B   113 12456-12461   2009

Books etc

Chapter 8. Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy of Temperature-Responsive Polymers. in "Temperature-responsive polymers: Chemistry, Properties and Applications"
Wiley   Jul 2018   ISBN:978-1-119-15778-6
北野 博巳, 功刀 滋, 宮本 真敏, 前田 寧, 伊藤 研策, 福田 光完
Mar 2008   ISBN:978-4-7827-0544-5
前田 寧
Jul 2010   

Conference Activities & Talks

赤外・ラマン分光法による高分子構造・物性解析 [Invited]
13 Sep 2017   
Vibrational Spectroscopic Study of Hydration of Temperature-Responsive Polymers [Invited]
The 10th Mini-Symposium on Liquids   15 Oct 2016   
真鍋 遼, 前田 寧, 杉原 伸治
62nd Symposium on Macromolecules   Sep 2013   
温度応答性ミクロゲルを分離媒体とするキャピラリー電 気泳動
代継 昂大, 前田 寧, 杉原 伸治
62nd Symposium on Macromolecules   Sep 2013   
前田 寧, 河原 央明, 真鍋 遼, 杉原 伸治
Sep 2012