ENDOH Takashi

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ENDOH Takashi
Uekusa Gakuen University
Job title
Associate professor
Master(Education)(Chiba University)

Research Areas



Health and Physical Education, Graduate School, Division of Education, Chiba University
Training Division for Sports Sciences, Faculty of Education, Chiba University

Published Papers

Omori M, Shibuya S, Nakajima T, Endoh T, Suzuki S, Irie S, Ariyasu R, Unenaka S, Sano H, Igarashi K, Ichimura S, Ohki Y
Behavioural neurology   2018 5138234   2018   [Refereed]
Sasada S, Endoh T, Ishii T, Komiyama T
Neuroscience letters   657 97-101   Sep 2017   [Refereed]
大森雅夫, 渋谷賢, 佐野秀仁, 中島剛, 鈴木伸弥, 入江駿, 大木紫, 遠藤隆志, 五十嵐一峰, 市村正一
脊髄機能診断学(Web)   37(1) 43‐48 (WEB ONLY)   Jan 2017
Nakajima T, Tazoe T, Sakamoto M, Endoh T, Shibuya S, Elias LA, Mezzarane RA, Komiyama T, Ohki Y
Frontiers in human neuroscience   11 19   2017   [Refereed]


遠藤隆志, 小川哲也, 中澤公孝
デサントスポーツ科学   31 167-175   Jun 2010
Effect of resistance training which was pertormed both sides of apper limb innuman subjects
Chiba Journal of Physical Education   27,11-17    2002
Comparison of central and peripheral muscle fatigue between trained and untrained men during sustained macimal voluntary contractions
Adv.Exerc.Sports Physiol   8, 190 
Effect of delayed onset muscle soreness on central and peripheral fatigue
Adv. Exerc. Sports Physiol.   in press 
Differences in central and peripheral fatigue during intermittent and sustained maximal voluntary contraction
Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine   50,745    2001

Research Grants & Projects

Plastic changes and adaptation in central and peripheral motor systems induced by exercise and training
Cooperative Research
Project Year: 1999 - 2008