NISHIO Masanori

NISHIO Masanori

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NISHIO Masanori
Aichi University of Technology
Faculty of Engineering
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Nagoya University), Master of Engineering(Nagoya University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Aichi University of Technology
National Astronomical Observatory,
Research Institute of Atmospherics,
      Research Assistant
Nagoya University, Research Assistant


Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Nagoya University
Faculty of Electro Communications, The University of Electro-Communications

Published Papers

Orbit Determination using Radio Interferometer of Small-Diameter Antennas for LEO Satellites
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Research and development on remote sensing techniques for astmospheric disturbances using high-speed communication networks and advancesed satellite commonication systems
1999 - 2002
Preliminary study of radio instrumentation techniques using LEO satellite beacons
Study of particle acceleration mechanism using Nobeyama radioheliograph images and Yokoh X-ray images

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Radio Propagation in Atmosphere
Study of Cosmic Maser Sources with VLBI
Study of Orbit Determination
Remote sensing of water vapor disturibution at middle troposphere by using nano satellites.
Precise surface measurements of large apature antennas using satellite beacons