SHIMADA Shigenobu

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SHIMADA Shigenobu
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
Job title
Post Doctor
(BLANK)(Kanagawa University), Doctor (Engineering)(Hokkaido University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2006
Mar 2008
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute
- The University of Electro-Communications,
SUBL, Post Doctoral Fellow


Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Kanagawa University
Systems and Information Engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kanagawa University

Awards & Honors

Sep 2009
Development for an Interactive Communication Display for Blind Computer Users, KAZUO TANIE AWARD (Best Paper Award), 18th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2009)
Winner: Shigenobu Shimada, Suguru Yamamoto, Hironori Uchida, Masami Shinohara, Yutaka Shimizu, Makoto Shimojo

Published Papers

Shigenobu Shimada, Kosei Ishimura, Mitsuo Wada
Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics   16(4) 434-442   2004   [Refereed]


MIYAMOTO Kazuna, MIZUNUMA Hiroshi, SHIMADA Shigenobu
年次大会講演論文集 : JSME annual meeting   2010(2) 59-60   Sep 2010
When some cosmetic base oil was applied, the oscillatory friction of 50 Hz was observed. It was revealed that this oscillation was caused by the vibration of the moving plunger. It depended on the surface characteristics and the oil viscosity if t...
Shimada Shignobu, Shimojo Makoto, Shimizu Yutaka
バイオエンジニアリング講演会講演論文集   2009(22)    Jan 2010
小西 毅, 島田 茂伸, 市川 泰章
Bulletin of Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute   (5) 6-9   2010
Murase Haruka, Takeichi Ryuta, Shimizu Yutaka, Shimada Sigenobu, Shimojyo Makoto
ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集   2009 "1P1-F18(1)"-"1P1-F18(4)"   May 2009
The exhibition to a high tip of a finger the space resolution becomes important in a tactile display in the conventional investigation. However, we must touch the tactile display that we can cover at a time at a tip of a finger in a bigger area pr...
YAMAMOTO Suguru, UCHIDA Yusuke, FUJIMURA Tatsunori, SHIMADA Shigenobu, SHINOHARA Masami, SHIMOJO Makoto, SHIMIZU Yutaka
ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集   2008 "2P2-E12(1)"-"2P2-E12(4)"   Jun 2008
An interactive tactile graphic display which acts by touch force has been developed as a trial. The trial model showed four usability problems through several usability experiments. Thus we re-designed three operation rules and developed a new ima...

Research Grants & Projects

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(若手研究(A))
Project Year: 2008 - 2010    Investigator(s): Shigenobu SHIMADA
A basic device combining a tactile graphic display function and a touch position sensing function is proposed. The trial device consists of two major components, a tactile graphic display and a force sensor. The force sensor measures a center of g...
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(基盤研究(B))
Project Year: 2006 - 2007    Investigator(s): Yutaka SHIMIZU
Reception of non-verbal contents such as the figures and images in the Web is difficult for severe visually impaired persons. This study aimed to realize an idea to transform non-verbal information to spatio-temporal tactile image. Furthermore, sy...
Study on Automatic Steering Technique for Electric Wheelchair Taking into Considering Chaos Dynamics
Tactile Display
Project Year: 2004 - 2006