Hiromasa Igota

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Hiromasa Igota
Rakuno Gakuen University
Faculty of Environment Systems, Department of Biosphere and Environmental Sciences
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Graduate School, Division of Life Science, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science (Natural Sciences), Yokohama City University

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池田敬, 渡邊拓真, 松浦友紀子, 東谷宗光, 高橋裕史, 伊吾田宏正
野生生物と社会   6(1) 21‐30-30   Sep 2018
<p> In Japan, wildlife managers are considering night culling as a new tool for managing sika deer populations, but there is no information on effective night culling practices. We investigated the relationships among distance from the observation...
Takeshita Kazutaka, Ueno Mayumi, Takahashi Hiroshi, Ikeda Takashi, Mitsuya Ryoko, Yoshida Tsuyoshi, Igota Hiromasa, Yamamura Kohji, Yoshizawa Ryo, Kaji Koichi
ECOSPHERE   9(9)    Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Robustness of adult female survival maintains a high-density sika deer (Cervus Nippon) population following the initial irruption
M. Ueno, H. Iijima, K. Takeshita, T. Yoshida, H. Uehara, H. Igota, Y. Matsuura, T. Ikeda, M. Azumaya, and K. Kaji
Wildlife Research   45 143-154   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
白鳥 聖也, 中谷(細田) 祥子, 上原 裕世, 更科 美帆, 伊吾田 宏正, 宮木 雅美, 松山 周平, 中谷 暢丈, 馬場 賢治, 日野 貴文, 窪田 千穂, 杉浦 晃介, 吉田 磨, 吉田 剛司
酪農学園大学紀要. 自然科学編   42(2) 147-154   Mar 2018
中谷(細田) 祥子, 吉田 剛司, 伊吾田 宏正, 赤坂 猛, 佐藤 喜和
酪農学園大学紀要. 自然科学編   42(2) 155-161   Mar 2018
佐藤喜和, 伊吾田宏正, SENCHIK Aleksandr, VAN MANEN Frank T.
酪農学園大学紀要 自然科学編(Web)   42(1) 59‐67 (WEB ONLY)   Oct 2017
Jarmila Krojerová-Prokešová, Miroslava Barančeková, Yukichika Kawata, Tatsuo Oshida, Hiromasa Igota, Petr Koubek, Petr Koubek
Biological Invasions   1-17   Apr 2017
© 2017 Springer International Publishing SwitzerlandJapanese sika deer (Cervus nippon nippon) were introduced at the turn of nineteenth and twentieth century to many countries in Eurasia, North America and Australasia. Subsequently, free-living in...
Igota Hiromasa, Matsuura Yukiko, Yayota Chizuru, Azumaya Munemitsu, DeNicola Anthony, Suzuki Masatsugu
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   57(1) 103-109   2017
<p>Night shooting of sika deer (Cervus nippon), which became legal with restricted conditions in 2015, without proper strategy and tactics may increase the number of deer habituated to hunters, and may not be an efficient method to reduce o...
Matsuura Yukiko, Ikeda Takashi, Azumaya Munemitsu, Takahashi Hiroshi, Igota Hiromasa, Urata Tsuyoshi
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   57(1) 77-83   2017
<p>We applied infrared thermography to detect sika deer for culling. Deer were distinguished from ground surface or surrounding vegetation by high temperature in early morning. Using infrared thermography, we could find more deer than those with...
Ishiniwa Hiroko, H. Sakamoto Shinsuke, Matsunami Masatoshi, Ishizuka Mayumi, Asano Makoto, Igota Hiromasa, Onuma Manabu
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   57(1) 149-150   2017
高橋裕史, 松浦友紀子, 伊吾田宏正, 池田敬, 東谷宗光
ほ乳類科学   57(1) 159‐160(J‐STAGE)   2017
池田敬, 池田敬, 松浦友紀子, 伊吾田宏正, 東谷宗光, 高橋裕史, 高橋裕史
ほ乳類科学   57(1) 45‐52(J‐STAGE)   2017
Karina Manayeva, Buho Hoshino, Hiromasa Igota, Takashi Nakazawa, Ganzorig Sumiya
International Journal of Zoological Research   13 26-37   Dec 2016
© 2017 Karina Manayeva et al.Background: Tibetan antelope (Pantholops hodgsonii), an endemic species of the Tibetan Plateau listed on IUCN Red List, migrates over the long distances for calving. It has an unequal feature that only females do seaso...
Takeshita, K., T. Ikeda, H. Takahashi, T. Yoshida, H. Igota, Y. Matsuura, K. Kaji.
PLoS ONE   11(10)    Oct 2016   [Refereed]
Ikeda Takashi, Kodama Hiromu, Matsuura Yukiko, Takahashi Hiroshi, Azumaya Munemitsu, Maru Tomoaki, Yoshida Tsuyoshi, Igota Hiromasa
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   56(1) 47-52   2016
We conducted a feeding experiment to test the effect of soy sauce on the ability to efficiently capture sika deer (Cervus nippon). We set baits (only soy sauce, only dried grass and dried grass with soy sauce) 3–5 times and recorded photographic ...
Matsuura Yukiko, Igota Hiromasa, Uno Hiroyuki, Akasaka Takeshi, Suzuki Masatsugu, Azumaya Munemitsu, Healy Norman
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   56(1) 61-69   2016
Although there are many deer cull programs for population control in Japan, successful examples are scarce. One of the reasons is the lack of a training program for wildlife rangers and cullers. To consider this problem, we held a symposium, ent...
Suzuki Masatsugu, Igota Hiromasa, Ueno Mayumi, Araki Ryota
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   56(2) 233-239   2016
<p>In this symposium, we discussed the current status of ungulate management in East Asian countries where ungulates are overabundant. We also discussed future strategies to control ungulate populations by learning precedents from Europe. Huntin...
Takeshita K, Ikeda T, Takahashi H, Yoshida T, Igota H, Matsuura Y, Kaji K
PloS one   11(10) e0164345   2016   [Refereed]
Takashi Ikeda,*, Hiroshi Takahashi, Tsuyoshi Yoshida, Hiromasa Igota, Yukiko Matsuura, Kazutaka Takeshita and Koichi Kaji
Mammal Study   40(4) 199-205   Dec 2015   [Refereed]
Igota Hiromasa, Matsuura Yukiko, Azumaya Munemitsu
Wildlife and human society   3(1) 29-34   Nov 2015
The Wildlife Protection and Proper Hunting Act was revised in 2014 in Japan, adding wildlife management as the one of main purposes at length. It contains the new programs to cull deer and wild boars by prefectural or national governments as publi...
Matsuura Yukiko, Igota Hiromasa, Terada Chisato, Suzuki Masatsugu
Wildlife and human society   2(2) 1-8   Jul 2015
We carefully evaluated hunting incidents to identify risk factors and develop preventive measures. We analyzed 1,471 cases that were reported to the Japanese Hunting Association as fraternal insurance between 2007 and 2011. Most hunters responsibl...
K. Takeshita, M. Ishizaki, R. Mitsuya, H. Takahashi, T. Yoshida, H. Igota, T. Ikeda, M. O. Kubo, K. Kaji
Journal of Zoology   297 139-145   Jan 2015
© 2015 The Zoological Society of London.Negative effects of density-dependent food limitation on molar wear rate in ungulate populations, as well as unworn molar size and its sex differences in ruminants, have been studied for a long time. However...
Takahashi Hiroshi, Matsuura Yukiko, Igota Hiromasa
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   55(1) 73-74   2015
Matsuura Yukiko, Igota Hiromasa, Okamoto Masayo, Igota Junpei
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   55(1) 11-20   2015
Gralloching of sika deer (Cervus nippon) in slaughterhouses is urged in case the carcasses are supplied for human consumption in Japan. Gralloching in the field is permitted in the European Union for the purpose of reducing contamination r...
佐渡 晃浩, 秋葉 悠希, 伊吾田 宏正, 浦口 宏二, 浅川 満彦
日本生物地理学会会報   69 221-223   Dec 2014
Four species of the ectoparasites, namely, Damalinia shika, Solenopotes sp. cf. binipilosus, Lipoptena fortisetosa and Haernaphysalis longicornis, were obtained from a same individual of Hokkaido Sika deer, Cervus nippon yezoensis, captured on Hok...
Sato Yoshikazu, B. Takada Mayura, Sonohara Waka, Itoh Tetsuji, Kobayashi Kyoko, Igota Hiromasa
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   54(1) 161-163   2014
YOSHIDA Tsuyoshi, KUBOTA Chiho, SUGIURA Kosuke, TAKAFUMI Hino, UEHARA Hiroyo, MUROTA Yoshihiro, MIYAKI Masami, IGOTA Hiromasa, NAKATANI Nobutake, YOSHIDA Osamu
Journal of the College of Dairying. Natural science   38(1) 29-35   Oct 2013
UEDA Gouhei, KATO Tatsuma, IGOTA Hiromasa, SAWADA Seigo
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   53(1) 17-29   Jun 2013
To examine effective programs for intensifying hunting pressure on the wild boar (Sus scrofa leucomystax), we analyzed the relationships between wild boar hunters' harvest (WHH), and hunters' hunting practices and environmental factors (e.g...
Takashi Ikeda, Hiroshi Takahashi, Tsuyoshi Yoshida, Hiromasa Igota, Koichi Kaji
Mammal Study   38 29-33   Mar 2013
Abstract. Camera trap method has been developed for monitoring wildlife, however, most studies using camera trap depend on baited camera sites to attract target wildlife. This is likely to bias estimates of population structure. We evaluated the u...
伊吾田 宏正
水利科学   57(5) 1-10   2013
ニホンジカ(以下シカ)の個体数の過増加により,様々な軋轢が生じている。平成23年度,全国のシカによる農作物被害は82.6億円にも及んだ。これは鳥獣の中では2位のイノシシを約20億円も上回り,獣類全体の中では37%も占めている。伐期が数十年に及ぶ林業においては,シカの採食または角研ぎによる被害金額を集計するのは困難であるが,実際にはかなりの被害があると予想される。また,天然林および下層植生への過採食は森林生態系を大きく改変し,これに伴う土砂流出も各地で報告されており(湯本・松田 2006),...
Yamamoto Satsuki, Suzuki Kaoru, Matsuura Yukiko, Igota Hiromasa, Hino Takafumi, Takahashi Hiroshi, Azumaya Munemitsu, Ikeda Takashi, Yoshida Tsuyoshi, Suzuki Masatsugu, Kaji Koichi
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   53(2) 321-329   2013
We captured sika deer (Cervus nippon) via catch-and-kill methods including driven-deer shooting; large-enclosure traps (S); stalking and shooting; sharp-shooting (SS), and methods for chemical immobilization and euthanasia or release, i.e. ...
松浦 友紀子, 高橋 裕史, 荒木 奈津子, 伊吾田 宏正, 池田 敬, 東谷 宗光, 村井 拓成, 吉田 剛司
森林防疫   62(6) 244-249   2013
SHINOHARA Yuka, YOSHIDA Tsuyoshi, TAKAFUMI Hino, UEHATA Kana, IGOTA Hiromasa, AKASAKA Takeshi, UENO Mayumi, INATOMI Yoshihiro, UNO Hiroyuki, HAMADA Kaku, TANIGUCHI Yoshiaki, AKAMA Takashi
Journal of the College of Dairying. Natural science   37(1) 55-60   Oct 2012
NAKAZAWA Takashi, LIU Chuguang, MANAYEVA Karina, HOSHINO Buho, IGOTA Hiromasa, YOSHIDA Tsuyoshi, KANEKO Masami, KAJI Koichi, JIANG Zhaowen, ASAKAWA Mitsuhiko, MOTOKAWA Masaharu, KAMEYAMA Satoshi, OTAISHI Noriyuki, MASUDA Ryuichi, MAHAMUT Halik, WU Xaomin, GANZORIG Sumiya
Journal of the College of Dairying. Natural science   37(1) 61-70   Oct 2012
Journal of the College of Dairying. Natural science   36(2) 339-345   Apr 2012
Sumiya Ganzorig, Buho Hoshino, Karina Manaeva, Hiromasa Igota
32nd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2011, ACRS 2011   3 1493-1496   Dec 2011
In this study, the migration of the Tibetan antelope - chiru (Pantholops hodgsonii), endangered inhabitant of the Tibetan Plateau is investigated. For the first time, nine (9) female chiru were captured, fitted with satellite-based ARGOS platform ...
MATSUURA Yukiko, IGOTA Hiromasa
Honyurui Kagaku (Mammalian Science)   51(1) 152-153   Jun 2011
伊吾田 宏正
Wildlife forum   15(2)    Feb 2011
HAYAKAWA Daisuke, SASAKI Motoki, SUZUKI Masatsugu, TSUBOTA Toshio, IGOTA Hiromasa, KAJI Koichi, KITAMURA Nobuo
The Journal of reproduction and development   56(1) 117-123   Feb 2010
Testicular steroidogenesis and spermatogenesis during developmental and seasonal changes were investigated in male sika deer (Cervus nippon), a short-day seasonal breeder, to clarify the physiological mechanisms for reproductive function. The immu...
IDA Kengo, HOSHINO Buho, KAJI Koichi, IGOTA Hiromasa, KANEKO Masami, Ganzorig S.
Journal of the College of Dairying. Natural science   34(1) 35-46   Oct 2009
OTA Haruka, HOSHINO Buho, KAJI Koichi, IGOTA Hiromasa, YOSHIDA Tsuyoshi, OTAISHI Noriyuki, Ganzorig S.
Journal of the College of Dairying. Natural science   34(1) 23-33   Oct 2009
HAYAKAWA Daisuke, SASAKI Motoki, SUZUKI Masatsugu, IGOTA Hiromasa, KITAMURA Nobuo
Mammal study   34(1) 41-45   Mar 2009
上田 剛平, 伊吾田 宏正, 山本 俊昭, 桜井 良, 竹田 直人
Wildlife forum   13(4) 38-45   Feb 2009
Hiromasa Igota, Mayumi Sakuragi, Hiroyuki Uno
Sika Deer: Biology and Management of Native and Introduced Populations   251-272   Jan 2009
© Springer 2009. All rights are reserved.We review the large-scale seasonal migration of sika deer on Hokkaido Island, Japan. A total of 57 female deer wintering in the Shiranuka Hills were radio-tracked between April 1997 and May 2002, yielding 7...
Hiromasa Igota, Hiromasa Igota, Masatsugu Suzuki
Human Dimensions of Wildlife   13(6) 416-428   Nov 2008
The Japanese hunter population is declining, while human-wildlife conflicts (e.g., damage by overabundant sika deer) have become an issue in suburban and rural areas. Beginning in 2004, a community-based deer management program was initiated by a ...
IGOTA Hiromasa, SUZUKI Toru, KANEKO Masami, YOSHIDA Tsuyoshi, BUHE Aosier
地理情報システム学会講演論文集 = Papers and proceedings of the Geographic Information Systems Association   17 439-442   Oct 2008
Recently, the friction of wildlife and human, such as wildlife damage is the serious social problems. However, the biological information and human resource to conduct effective wildlife management and wildlife damage control is insufficient. To r...
Inokuma H, Seino N, Suzuki M, Kaji K, Takahashi H, Igota H, Inoue S
Journal of wildlife diseases   44(1) 164-167   Jan 2008   [Refereed]
Y. Matsuura, M. Suzuki, K. Yoshimatsu, J. Arikawa, I. Takashima, M. Yokoyama, H. Igota, K. Yamauchi, S. Ishida, D. Fukui, G. Bando, M. Kosuge, H. Tsunemitsu, C. Koshimoto, K. Sakae, M. Chikahira, S. Ogawa, T. Miyamura, N. Takeda, T. C. Li, T. C. Li
Archives of Virology   152 1375-1381   Jul 2007
We examined 976 sika deer serum samples, 159 liver tissue samples and 88 stool samples collected from 16 prefectures in Japan, and performed ELISA and RT-PCR assays to detect antibodies to HEV and HEV RNA, respectively. Although 25 (2.6%) of 976 s...
IGOTA Hiromasa
農林水産技術研究ジャーナル = Research Journal of Food and Agriculture   28(4) 40-41   Apr 2005

Conference Activities & Talks

伊吾田宏正, 伊吾田順平, 松浦友紀子
日本哺乳類学会大会プログラム・講演要旨集   8 Sep 2018   
渡邊拓真, 池田敬, 松浦友紀子, 東谷宗光, 高橋裕史, 伊吾田宏正
日本哺乳類学会大会プログラム・講演要旨集   8 Sep 2018   
松浦友紀子, 東谷宗光, 池田敬, 伊吾田宏正
野生生物と社会学会大会プログラム・講演要旨集   1 Nov 2017   
崎山由香, SENCHIK Aleksandr, 伊吾田宏正
野生生物と社会学会大会プログラム・講演要旨集   1 Nov 2017   
東谷宗光, 松浦友紀子, 伊吾田宏正, 赤坂猛, 宇野裕之, 早稲田宏一, 伊吾田順平, 井田宏之
野生生物と社会学会大会プログラム・講演要旨集   1 Nov 2017   


telemetly study of sika deer

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migration and mortality in sikadeer
Develpoment of methods of local wildlife mananegement Conservation of hunting technique and culture Hunter education deer migration and mortality
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