SAITO Tatuya

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SAITO Tatuya
Senshu University
School of Letters
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Published Papers

Method of Selecting Vocabulary in "Shinpen-Shisi"
サイトウ タツヤ
111(9) >16-34   Sep 2010
Statistical Analysis of Kanji and Kana Usage in Manuscripts the Tale of Genji
サイトウ タツヤ
113(5) >36-52   May 2012
On Th e Tale of Genji Manuscript Book Owned by the Library of Congress
TAKADA Tomokazu
NINJAL Research Papers   (6) >294(1)–272(23)   Nov 2013
Tradition and Innovation in shape and form of Hiragana
サイトウ タツヤ
(77) >15-34   Feb 2014
The past, present, and future of hentaigana Standardization for infomation processing
Journal of Infomation Processing and Management   58(6) >438-446   Sep 2015
Spelling by the hentaigana character
サイトウ タツヤ
(98) >   Mar 2016
Study of the simplified form of the kanji "候"
サイトウ タツヤ
Journal of Japanese Language   (56) >19-36   Jun 2018


Graphology and Orthography(Theories and Present-day Japanese); Review of Japanese Linguistics
サイトウ タツヤ
NIHONGO NO KWNKYU; Studies in the Japanese Language   10(3) >66-72   Jul 2014

Conference Activities & Talks

Different KANJI sets that occurs by the genre or region
Mar 2011   
A Study of Kanji characters used in the ancient Japanese KANABUN
The 11th International Symposium on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies   20 Nov 2016   SOCIETY OF JAPANESE LANGUAGE EDUCATION HONG KONG