OKAWA Norimi

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OKAWA Norimi
University of Kochi
Faculty of Nursing, Department of Nursing
Job title
Associate Professor
(BLANK)(Chiba University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2016
University of Kochi
Apr 2011
Mar 2016
University of Kochi
Apr 2007
Mar 2011
Kochi Women's University
Kochi Women's University, Clinical Instructor
- Kochi Women's University, Clinical Instructor


Graduate School, Division of Nursing, Chiba University
Faculty of Home Economics, Kochi Women's University

Published Papers

藤田 佐和, 大川 宣容, 森 歩, 府川 晃子, 庄司 麻美, 森下 利子
高知女子大学看護学会誌   43(2) 102-110   Jun 2018
野島 真美, 井上 正隆, 大川 宣容
Japanese journal of disaster medicine   21(2) 259-266   Nov 2016
Okawa Norimi
Journal of Japanese Society of Cancer Nursing   30(1) 5-13   2016
Abstract The objective of this study was to understand the bodily experiences of patients who have undergone surgery for lung cancer and provide suggestions for nursing support. We conducted qualitative research employing hermeneutic phenomenology...
青木 美和, 藤田 佐和, 府川 晃子, 大川 宣容, 森下 利子
高知女子大学看護学会誌   40(1) 97-108   Dec 2014
庄司 麻美, 藤田 佐和, 府川 晃子, 大川 宣容, 森下 利子
高知女子大学看護学会誌   40(1) 87-96   Dec 2014


Consultation in Oncology Nursing
Japanese Journal of Palliative Medicine   3(3) 340-344   2001
Nurses' view point catching families of cancer patient
Journal of Japanese Society of cancer nursing   14(特別) 117   2000

Books etc

「Support for patient's sense of control」
KENPAKUSHA   2000   

Conference Activities & Talks

佐東美緒, 高谷恭子, 有田直子, 田之頭恵里, 益守かづき, 大川宣容, 井上正隆, 瓜生浩子
日本家族看護学会学術集会プログラム・抄録集   20 Aug 2018   
大崎杏奈, 大川宣容
日本クリティカルケア看護学会学術集会抄録集(Web)   2018   
井上正隆, 佃雅美, 岡林志保, 西塔依久美, 森本紗磨美, 大川宣容
日本クリティカルケア看護学会学術集会抄録集(Web)   2018   
岡林志穂, 井上正隆, 佃雅美, 森本紗磨美, 西塔依久美, 大川宣容
日本クリティカルケア看護学会学術集会抄録集(Web)   2018   
前田千晶, 小笠原恵子, 岡崎啓, 須山知美, 黒岩泰子, 濱田章子, 中岡加代子, 堤嘉章, 大川宣容
日本災害看護学会誌   Aug 2017   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Cancer patients' Sense of Control undergoing treatment for cancer
Study on Families' Awareness of family member dying from cancer
Factors of getting into difficulties to transit home care in terminal cancer patients