FUTAMATA hiroyuki

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FUTAMATA hiroyuki
Shizuoka University
Research Institute of Green Science and Technology - Green Energy Research Division
Job title
Ph. D.(Kyushu University)
Other affiliation
Shizuoka UniversityShizuoka University

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Kyushu University
Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University

Awards & Honors

Nov 2018
Best Presentation Awaard, Shizuoka University
Winner: Abd Rahman Jabir Mohd Din, Kenshi Suzuki, Masahiro Honjo, Ayaka Minoura, Kensei Masuda, Yosuke Tashiro, and Hiroyuki Futamata
Jun 2018
Metabolic networks based on the substrate-spatiotemporal heterogeneity can organize coexistence of microbes, 2018-ASM Outstanding Abstract Award, American Society for Microbiology
Winner: Kenshi Suzuki, Masahiro Honjo, Tomoka Nishimura, Kensei Masuda, Ayaka Minoura, Yosuke Tashiro, and Hiroyuki Futamata

Published Papers

Properties of fly ashes from thermal power stations in relation to use as soil amendments.
Le Van Thien*, Ngo Thi Tuong Chau, Le Thi Tham Hong, Nguyen Thu Trang, Hiroyuki Futamata
Sains Malasysiana   48(4) 745-755   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Yosuke Tashiro*, Kotaro Takaki, Hiroyuki Futamata
Biophys. Physicobiol.   16 114-120   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Effect of using thermophilic bacteria as start inoculum on microbial aspect of pulp and paper mill sludge compositing process
Ngo Thi Tuong Chau, Le Van Thien, Le Thi Tham Hong, and Hiroyuki Futamata
Chiang Mai J. Sci.   45 1-14   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Kenshi Suzuki, Fatma A. A. Azizi, Masahiro Honjo, Tomoka Nishimura, Ryota Moriuchi, Hideo Dohra, Kensei Masuda, Ayaka Minoura, Yuki Kudo, Yosuke Tashiro, and Hiroyuki Futamata
Microbiology Resource Announcement   7(18)    Oct 2018   [Refereed]
Abd Rahaman Jabir Mohd Din, Siti Zulaiha Hanapi, Hiroyuki Futamata, and Mohamad roji Sarmidi
Organic Agriculture      Oct 2018   [Refereed]


Electricity producing property and bacterial community structure in microbial fuel cell equipped with membrane electrode assembly
[責任著者]二又 裕之 [共著者]Rubaba Owen,荒木葉子,山本脩二,鈴木渓,坂本尚敏,松田厚範
93(2) 78-78   Feb 2015
Challenge for complex microbial ecosystems: combination of experimental approaches with mathematical modeling.
[責任著者]Hiroyuki Futamata [共著者]Shin Haruta,Takehito Yoshida,Yoshiteru Aoi,Kunihiko Kaneko
Microbes and Environments   28(3) 285-294   Sep 2013

Books etc

Recent Progress in Biofuel Cells
監修:加納健司 他30名 (Part:Joint Work)
Dec 2011