MAEDA Shunichiro

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MAEDA Shunichiro
Agency for Cultural Affairs
Job title
Senior Specialist for Cultural Properties

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

- Associate Specialist


Graduate School, Division of Letters, Seijo University
Faculty of Literature, Waseda University


Reexamination of the Double Grave System : In Connection with the Double Grave System Formed in Recent Times
Bulletin of The Folklore Society of Japan   (225) 35-66   2001
Reexamination of the Double Grave System in Yamanashi Prefecture
Kaiji   (97-98) 27-36,1-15   2000
The Multi-Tiered Structure of Regional Grave Systems
Jomin Bunka   (22) 1-46   1999
A Study of the Burial and Grave Systems in Modern Administration Documents : The Antagonism between Folk Customs and the Law in Prefectural Inquiries in Meiji Period
Jomin Bunka   (21) 35-70   1998
The birth of the Double Grave System and Later Growth : Considering the Double Grave System of the Meiji Period
Jomin Bunka   (19) 1-32   1996

Books etc

Shinto Funeral Rites in Modern Ages and The transformation of The Burial and Grabe Systems.
The Development of the common people's life in Modern Ages : National Policy and Flok Customs   1998   


The Common People's Life of Modern Ages and Flok Customs
1994 - 1996
"Furusato" in The Urban Life : Folklore concerning The Group from Same Home Town.
1999 - 2001

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Grave Systems and Ancestor Worship in Modern Society
Study on the Transformation and the Development of Burial and Grave Systems in the Modern Period
Study on Folklore concerning the Same Home Town Group in Urban Society