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Hitotsubashi University
Graduate School of Commerce and Management
Job title
Master Degree(Yokohama National University)


Takau Yoneyama, Professor at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo. His research covers topics from the history of insurance business to Enterprise Risk Management. He was chair of the Study Group for Solvency Margin, FAS, and has joined Insurance Law Counsel as a member. He is a co-editor of History of Insurance (Pickering and Chatto, 2000) and of A Commentary on the Insurance Act in Japan (Yuhikaku, 2010 in Japanese).His recent publications is "Fudamentals of Risk and Insurance" (Dobunkan, 2012 in Japanese), and edited "The Enterprise Risk Management as a strategy in Insurance Company" (Hoken Mainichi Shinbunsha,2015 in Japanese). He edited with Robin Pearson "Corporate Forms and Organizational Choice in International Insurance", which will be published by OUP on November. He is a previous president of Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association, and a president of the Japan Sosiety of Household Economics, and a vice-President of the Japanese Association of Value Creation Enterprise Risk Management.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2000
Professor, Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University
Apr 2009
Mar 2014
Head, Student Support Center, Hitotsubashi University
Apr 1984
Mar 1988
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Sangyo University
Apr 1988
Mar 1995
Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Sangyo University
Apr 1995
Mar 2000
Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Sangyo University


Apr 1979
Mar 1982
Graduate School, Division of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
Apr 1976
Mar 1979
Yokohama National University
Mar 1976
Faculty of Humanities, Shinshu University

Published Papers

Hitotsubashi journal of commerce and management   48(1) 99-117   Oct 2014
This paper provides empirical evidence consistent with the existence of adverse selection and moral hazard in the whole life and term life insurance market. We use life insurance companies' data to recognize adverse selection, moral hazard, and me...
An Essay on Building of Earthquake Insurance Systems
Takau Yoneyama
75(3) 95-119   Oct 2013   [Invited]
Takau Yoneyama
Peter Borscheid and Niels Viggo Haueter, eds., World Insurance; An Evolution of a Global Risk Network, Oxford University Press      Aug 2012   [Refereed][Invited]
Hitotsubashi journal of commerce and management   46(1) 51-64   Oct 2012
Hitotsubashi journal of commerce and management   45(1) 59-79   Oct 2011
This studytests how the selection of the insurance underwriting portfolio affects the cost efficiencyof non-life insurers in different market environments. Our investigation spans the 1970-2005 period, covers ten major non-life insurers, and compa...

Books etc

A Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance
Takau Yoneyama
Dobunkan Publisher   Apr 2012   
A textbook on Risk Management and Insurance for University students.
Transformation of the Post-war System of Japanese Insurance Business
Takau Yoneyama
Dobunkan Publisher, Ltd   Mar 1997   ISBN:4495432818
This study offers historical views of life insurance business in Japan, and shows futures of industrial organization in Japanese life business.
The Strategy of Enterprise Risk Management in Insurance Campanies
Takau Yoneyama, Atsuhito Sakai (Part:Joint Editor, Concluding)
Hoken Mainichi Shinbunsha   May 2015   ISBN:9784892932601
This book offers practical knowlege on Enterprise Risk Management in insurance companies, and explains new technologies on ERM for insurance business by exparts.
Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
Takau Yoneyama
Nihon Keizai Shinbun Publisher   Dec 2008   ISBN:9784532353391
This is an introductory book on concept of risk and insurance.
Integrated Risk Management (editor-in-chief)
Takau Yoneyama (Part:Joint Translation)
Chuo Keizaisha   Jan 2012   
Complete formal translation of N. Doherty's Integrated Risk Management.

Conference Activities & Talks

Life Reinsurance in Japan, 1926-1970.
Takau Yoneyama
Academic Symposium on Internationalisation and Globalisation of the Insurance Industry in the 19th and 20th Centuries   1 Oct 2006   
Life Reinsurance in Japan, 1925-1950: Why don't Japanese life assurance companies make much of reinsurance?,
米山 高生
International Conference of Internationalization and Globalisation of the Insurance Industry in the 19th and 20th Centuries   1 Oct 2006   
Impacts of the Great Kanto Earthquake on Non-life insurance business: a business historian's perspective,
米山 高生
Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History Conference   1 Feb 2008   

Research Grants & Projects

An Empirical Study on the Structure of Japanese Life Insurance Business.
Joint Research(Domestic joint research)
Project Year: Apr 1996 - Mar 1997
An Empirical Study on Japanese Life Insurance Companies in the 1990s
Joint Research(Domestic joint research)
Project Year: Apr 1998 - Mar 1999
An Econometrical Study using Panel Data on Japanese Non-life Insurance Company.
Joint Research(Domestic joint research)
Project Year: Apr 1998 - Mar 2000
Study on Medical Insurance
Project Year: Apr 2006 - Mar 2009
Comparative Study of Corporate Forms: from historical cases
Project Year: Apr 2006 - Mar 2011