WANG Yunhai

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WANG Yunhai
Hitotsubashi University
Graduate School of Law
Job title

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1991
Mar 1999
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University
Apr 1999
Mar 2003
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University
Apr 2003
Professor, Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University


Apr 1985
Mar 1991
Criminal Law, Graduate School, Division of Law, Hitotsubashi University

Awards & Honors

Apr 2007
IPEX2006,The Best Book Prize

Published Papers

Jiangge Case and Japanese Judicial Culture
Wang yunhai
The Journal of Law Appliation   2(2) 106-118   Jan 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
The Revision of the Constitution and Enactment of the Inspection law
wang yunhai
The Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and International Studies   17(2) 309-329   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
The Possibility and Limit of Criminal Sanction to the Behaviors that violate Food Safety Laws
Wang Yunhai
The Food Safety Law and the safety of Citizens   236-260   Jan 2019   [Refereed][Invited]
The Criminal Laibility, Civil Liability and Administrative Liability in Japan
Wang Yunhai
The People's Procecuratorial Semimonthly   8(8) 49-52   Aug 2017   [Refereed]
Book Review: David T. Johnson & Franklin Zimring: The Next Frontier: National Development, Plotical Change and the Death Penalty in Asia
王 云海
Asian Affaires   41(3) 450-452   Nov 2010   [Refereed]

Books etc

When Does China sentence a Bribery offender to death?
Wang Yunhai
KOKUSAI SHOIN   Jan 2013   ISBN:978-4-87791-241-3
made it clear why in China the offender can be sentenced to death by a comparasion with punishments to bribery offenders in U. S. A. and Japan.
The Death Penalty in China: Policy, Practice, and Reform
Wang Yunhai, Liang Bin, Lu Hong, David Johnson (Part:Joint Work, China's Death Penalty in a State Power-based Society)
Columbia University Press   Nov 2016   
Chinese Society and its Death Penalty System
Aspects of Reputation and Honor: A Historical and Internatinal perspective
Wang Yunhai (Part:Editor)
KOKUSAI SHOIN   May 2010   ISBN:978-4-87791-207-9
studying the aspccts of reputation and honor by a historical and international perspective.
The Legal Fundamentals of Prison Correction
Wang Yunhai
The Press of China Renmin University   Aug 2010   ISBN:978-7-3---12505-3
Discussed on the basic pirinciple of prison correction in a comparative perspective.
The Essence Of japanese Punishment
Wang Yunhai
Shuueisha   Jun 2008   

Research Grants & Projects

A Comparative Study on Bribery Crimes and the Criminal Regulation
Project Year: Apr 1991 - Mar 1999
Chinese Society and its Law, Human Rights.
Project Year: Apr 1995 - Mar 2003
A Comparative Study on Prisoners' Labor(China, U.S.A, Japan)
Project Year: Apr 1999 - Mar 2002
A Comparative study on the Death Penalty (China, U.S.A, Japan)
Project Year: Apr 2002 - Mar 2005
Chinese Minority Group's Cusutom and Law
Project Year: Apr 2003 - Mar 2007