TOKUNAGA Mitsuhiro

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TOKUNAGA Mitsuhiro
Fukuoka Institute of Technology
Faculty of Social and Environmental Studies Department of Social and Environmental Studies
Job title
Associate Professor
(BLANK)(Kobe University)
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Okayama Hakuryo High School, Lecturer
Okayama Hakuryo High School, Teacher


Faculty of Humanities, Yamaguchi University
Graduate School, Division of Education, Kobe University


A Study of "Oneself"in Natsume Soseki's ┣DBTen Nights of Dream(/)-┫DB
Yamaguchi Studies of Japanese Literature   (17) 35-43   1994
On the Work of Reading Psychological Aspects
Yamaguchi Studies of Japanese Literature   (17) 88-91   1994
In the Atmosphere of Academic Freedom : On the Work of ┣DBDancing Girl(/)-┫DB by Mori Ogai
Annual Journal of Japanese Language   (13) 37-51   1995
On the Work of ┣DBKokoro(/)-┫DB : Absence of Relationship
Yamaguchi Studies of Japanese Literature   (18) 12-20   1995
Development in Area Studies
Yamaguchi Studies of Japanese Literature   (18) 102-105   1995
On the Work of ┣DBWithin the Glass Door(/)-┫DB : Unsolved Recognition
Annual Journal of Japanese Language   (14) 34-44   1995
"┣DBBotchan(/)-┫DB"in German Translation : A Critical Reading of ┣DBDer Tor aus Tokio(/)-┫DB
Comparative Literature   39 67-81   1997
┣DBBotchan(/)-┫DB in German Translation(Abhandlung zum (]E88DB[)bersetzen Text)"┣DBDer Tor aus Tokio(/)-┫DB"
Referate des 10. Devtschsprachigen Japanologentages vom 9. bis 12. Oktober 1996 in M(]E88DB[)nchen, M(]E88DB[)nchen, Japan-Zentrum der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit(]E88D2[)t   465-487   1997
Dialogue with the Translator : Seizing the German Translation of "┣DBBotchan(/)-┫DB" as the Clue
Himeji Humanities Studies   1(1) 31-42   1998
Japanese Studies in Munich
Annual Journal of Japanese Language   (16) 68-79   1998
Abe Tomoji's Viewpoints concerning the Literature by Natsume Soseki
Abe Tomoji Studies   (6) 4-17   1999
(原題ドイツ語)R(]E88DB[)sselsheim 1972 : Japanologiegeschichtliche Reminiszenzen (原著者)Fritz Opitz (英訳題)R(]E88DB[)sselsheim 1972 : Historical Recollection in the Field of Japanese Studies
Himeji Humanities Studies Nachrichten der Gesellschaft f(]E88DB[)r Natuv-und U(]E88D8[)lkevkunde Ostasiens/Hamburg, Zeitschrift f(]E88DB[)r Kultuv und Geschichte Ost-und S(]E88DB[)dostasiens, 163-164, Hamburg, 1998, S.173-S.176   3(1) 123-137   2000
Natsume Soseki as Understood in Beijing : Based on the Author's Personal Experiences
Journal of Yamaguchi Chapter : The Japan Association of Language Teaching   (6) 155-168   2000
Footnotes in the German Translation of ┣DBThe Three Cornered World(/)-┫DB : Regarding Explanations in the Vocabulary of Japanese Information
Making Connections : Theory and Practice in Japanese Language Education   (33) 470-485   2001

Published Papers

A Critical Perspective on Cultural Enlightenment: Daisuke Nagai's Way of Thinking and Living in Soseki Natsume's 'And Then'
Journal of Foreign Language Studies, Hanoi University   34 83-90   Dec 2016   [Refereed]

Books etc

Japan as represented in ┣DBBotchan(/)-┫DB : On the Work of German Translation "┣DBDer Tor aus Tokio(/)-┫DB"
Seki, Kazuo(ed.)"Ichnosaka River and Mt. Hime : Research for Japanese Language and Literature"(Kasama Shoin, Tokyo)   1997   


Japanese Language as a Signpost(Japanese Language Education in the Association for Japanese Literature, No.27, P30-P31, 1995)

Research Grants & Projects

Literary Works by Natsume Soseki
German and English Translation of the Literary Works by Natsume Soseki
Japanese Studies in Foreign Countries
Japanese Expression
Teaching Japanese as a Second Language