TAKAHASHI, Ryuzaburo

TAKAHASHI, Ryuzaburo

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TAKAHASHI, Ryuzaburo
Waseda University
Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Waseda University, assistant
Waseda University, lecturer
Kinki University, lecturer
Kinki University, assistant professor
Waseda University, assistant professor


Faculty of Political Economics, Waseda University

Published Papers

The Preliminary Report of 3D Mesurerment and GRP Research at Kasori Shell Midden, in 2016 and 2017
Ryuzaburo Takahashi
The Bulletin of the Graduate School of Bungaku,Waseda University   64    Feb 2019   [Refereed]
The Report of 3D Mesurement and GRP Research held in December in 2016 and August in 2017
The Image of Jomon society in the lite of Recent Study
Ryuzaburo Takahashi
Japanese Education   2018年(11月号)    Nov 2018   [Invited]
The Image of Jomon Society held in 1950' 60' era and it's Great Change to New one in the Lite of Recent Jomon Study
What world wide Ethonography serves to help Underatanding of jomon Culture and Society
Ryuzaburo Takahashi
The Origins of Japanese   78-81   May 2018
The importance of studing world wide Ethnography for the Understanding of Jomon Culture and society.
A Report of Ethno-archaeologica Reserch in Papua New Guinea(15)
Ryuzaburo Takahashi
Shikan   (178) 80-102   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
The Archaeological Report on thw Ethno-archaeological Research curried out in Aug.2017 at East Cape, Milne Bay District,PNG
How GPR can make clear inside the Jomon Shell Midden, in the case of Kasori Shell MIdden
Ryuzaburo Takahashi, Michiyasu Sugaya, Masahito Nishino, Kotaro Matsuda
The Challenge for the 3 Dimentional Archaeology   42-54   Nov 2017
The report of GRP resaerch curried out at Kasori Shell Midden in Chiba city

Books etc

The Secret Society of Jomon Age
Ryuzaburo Takahashi
Rokuichi Shobo   Jun 2017   
The Secret Society inferred from Arcaeological Evidence ,such as Clay Masks found from Middel to Late Jomon age site, are supposed to have played great importance in the Rites and Feast,
Sicial Copplexity and Ethnography in Jomon Archaeology in "Jomon Age "
Ryuzaburo Takahashi, Yasuhiro Yamada(ed.) (Part:Joint Work)
Yosikawa Kohbun kan   Mar 2017   
The importance and necessity of Ethnographical date for describing social complexity and socia stratification in Jomon age.
新川登亀男編 高橋龍三郎(共著) 「霊(タマ)からカミへ、カミから神へ」pp490-538を分担執筆
勉誠出版   Mar 2015   
『講座 日本の考古学4 縄文時代(下)』
今村啓爾編 高橋龍三郎(共著) 「縄文社会の複雑化」pp616-651を分担執筆
青木書店   May 2014   
高橋龍三郎編著 早稲田大学考古学コース刊
平電子   Apr 2014   

Conference Activities & Talks

Society and religion in jomon age-,an Archeological consideratiion on the society of Late-latest jomon age in Kanto district. [Invited]
Ryuzaburo Takahashi
Hatena Kan Archaeological Lecture   10 Mar 2018   Sagamihara city Educational Board
Archaeological lecture on Society and Religion of Late-Latest Jomon age in Kant District seen from settelement and it's transformation.
How GRP can make clear inside the Jomon Shell Midden, in the case of Kasori shell Midden.
Ryuzaburo Takahashi, Michiyasu Sugaya, Masahito Nishino,Kotaro Matsuda
The Challenge to 3 Dementional Archaeology   Nov 2017   Waseda Unniversity, Archaeological section
The report of GRP resaerch at Kasori Shell Midden
Jomon Potteries seen from Papua New Guinean ethnography [Invited]
Ryuzaburo Takahashi
Lecture on Jomon Culture in the Museum of History in Nagano Pref.   28 Oct 2017   The Museum of History in Nagano Pref
On the Totemic symbols seen on the Jomon potteries comparing to Papua New Guinean ethonography.
Ethnoarchaeological Study in Papua New Guinea
Ryuzaburo Takahashi
The 83rd Annual Meeting of Japan Archaeological Association   28 May 2017   Japan Archaeological Association
A Representative of the Session2 ”A search for the social back ground of pottery types by reference to Ethnographical date”
A Consideration of Totemism in Late-Latest Jomon Age Based on Archaeological Records.
Ryuzaburo Takahashi
82nd Annual Meeting of Society for American Archaeology   29 Mar 2017   Society for American Archaeology
Though Totemism has been a old fashioned term today in social anthropology, recently discovered archaeological records of Zoomorphological clay figures in Jomon sites in combination with sacrificed animalsin burials and polite attitude for spe...

Research Grants & Projects

Joint Research between Archaeology and Genomics on the Emergence of Clan System in Jomon Age
Gakusin: Kagaku kenkyu josei jigyou
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2021
Collaboration between Archaeology and Genomics are anticipated to make clear the emergence of Clan system at Late Jomon age. Scientific research withassisted by social anthropology will reveal the Kinship relation, descent system,marriage system t...
Theoritical study on the Formation of Pottery Types seeing from Ethnoarchaeological Research
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2017
The purpose of the the field research on domestic pottery makings in Papua New Guinea is to make clear and to get clues for building a theoretical framework from Ethoarchaeological field works on the hypothesis how Jomon pottery types could be...
Co-operative study on the Process of Social Stratification in Jomon age
Project Year: 2012   
The Ethnoarchaeological study on pottery production in PNG for the understanding of Jomon Pottery types.
Project Year: Apr 2011 - Mar 2014
The Ethnoarchaeological study on domestic pottery production in East Cape district and Wari Island as well as Middle Sepik River in Papua New Guinea was curried out during 3 years.The main purpose of the field research was to establish the theoret...
Holocene Climate Changes and Jomon Cultural Changes
Project Year: Apr 2010 - Mar 2014
Comparing the peaks of climate fluctuations throughout the Holocene, for example, Bond events (8.2 ka, 5.8 ka, 4.3 ka, 2.8 ka), to calibrated radiocarbon dates of Jomon pottery indicates that each climatic change occurred during four archaeologica...