Itoigawa Eiichi

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Itoigawa Eiichi
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems
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主要構造部・避難WG/委員 及び 市街地火災WG/委員
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Published Papers

A Study on Commuting Behavior of Workers and Bicycle Use at the Time of an Earthquake Disaster -A Case of the 2018 Osaka Earthquake-
内田, 航;糸井川, 栄一
Journal of Social Safety Science   135-141   Nov 2019   [Refereed]
After the 2018 Osaka Earthquake, many people were forced to give up moving because the transportation system in Osaka completely shut down. For people involved in recovery operation, it is important to arrive smoothly to the proper place where the...
Investigation Of Administrative Support Issues In Apartment Disaster Prevention During Large Earthquakes Disasters - Toward The Safer Home Evacuation Of The Residents -
井本, 隆志;糸井川, 栄一
Journal of Social Safety Science   35 97-105   Nov 2019   [Refereed]
In the Great East Japan Earthquake, it became clear that condominium residents, who had no or slight structural damage to their homes, evacuated to shelters because of fears such as aftershocks. Moreover, in the earthquake damage estimation, it is...
A Study on the Community’s Activity Performance Evaluation on an Earthquake -Focus on the community formulated Community Disaster Management Plan-
齋藤, 貴史;糸井川, 栄一;梅本通孝
Journal of Social Safety Science   35 37-47   Nov 2019   [Refereed]
On the large-scale disaster, the power of community disaster management is very important. After the Great East Japan earthquake, the community disaster management plan system was started. After making the plan, the community is needed to prepare ...
A Study on Intention to Use Uncertain Evacuation Guidance Information under Incomplete Information at Earthquake Fire
清水, 純平;糸井川, 栄一
Journal of Social Safety Science   35 163-171   Nov 2019   [Refereed]
For safe evacuation from post earthquake fires, fire information updated in real time needs to be transmitted to evacuees. However, since real-time information includes uncertainty, in some cases, it may be expected that acquisition of evacuation ...
Optimization of Evacuation Route considering Uncertainty of Undetected Fires
鈴木, 雄太;糸井川, 栄一
Journal of Social Safety Science in Real-Time Evacuation Guidance under Post-Earthquake Fires   35 153-162   Nov 2019   [Refereed]
After an earthquake, real-time evacuation guidance, which guides inhabitants to safe site from danger area based on fire information, is important as an emergency measure against simultaneous fires. In this study, we optimized a real-time route co...

Books etc

Human behavior and social inpacts
糸井川,栄一 (Part:Contributor, Human behavior and social inpacts)
筑波大学出版会   Nov 2015   ISBN:9784904074381
糸井川栄一ほか多数;+糸井川, 栄一
建設産業調査会   Jan 1983   
糸井川栄一ほか多数;+糸井川, 栄一
日本建築学会   Jan 1984   
都市防災計画・設計の手引 -都市防火区画とその応用-
糸井川栄一ほか多数;+糸井川, 栄一
大成出版   Jan 1985   
糸井川栄一ほか多数;+糸井川, 栄一
ぎょうせい   Jan 1994   

Conference Activities & Talks

Wide area evacuation problems under the natural/man-made multi-hazard
日本建築学会大会(近畿)防火部門パネルディスカッション   12 Mar 2014   日本建築学会
糸井川, 栄一;野貴泰
The 15th Japan Earthquake Engineering Symposium   6 Dec 2018   (公社)日本地震工学会(幹事),(公社)日本地震学会,(公社)地盤工学会,(一社)地域安全学会,(公社)土木学会,(一社)日本機械学会,(一社)日本建築学会,(一社)日本活断層学会,日本災害情報学会,日本災害復興学会,日本自然災害学会
Issues on Risk Information Transmission Process in Earthquake Fire Evacuation
日本建築学会大会(東北)防火部門パネルディスカッション   4 Sep 2018   日本建築学会
Stochastic Evaluation Model of Inhabitants’ Evacuation Risk in Real Time Response under Post-Earthquake Fires
Tsukuba Global Science Week   27 Sep 2017   University of Tsukuba
第13回環境研究シンポジウム 2050年の地球と暮らし -環境技術と地球規模課題-   10 Nov 2015   環境研究機関連絡会
 本研究では,東北地方太平洋沖地震による被害を受けた地域における,①災害に対するリスク認知と災害対応行動,②被災住民の生活復興感と復旧・復興施策,③被災地域の市街地の安全確保と都市計画的施策, 等の実態について, 現地ヒアリング調査とアンケート調査によって明らかにするとともに, その特徴と問題点,今後の課題について取りまとめることによって, 今後,巨大災害に対して被災地域が安心・安全な暮らしを持続的に営んでいくための視点を提供することを目的とする.

Research Grants & Projects

Research on Real Time Evacuation Guidance Support under Post-Earthquake Fires based on incomplete fire incident information
Project Year: May 2019 - Mar 2020    Investigator(s): Eiichi ITOIGAWA
Research on Real Time Evacuation Guidance Support under Post-Earthquake Fires based on incomplete fire incident information
Project Year: Jun 2018 - Mar 2019    Investigator(s): Eiichi ITOIGAWA
Study on disaster vulnerability assessment in urban area
Relief strategy of human damage in case of earthquake disaster