Sasahara Shinichiro

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Sasahara Shinichiro
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Medicine
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas


Published Papers

Effect of exercise on brain function as assessed by functional near-infrared spectroscopy during a verbal fluency test in a simulated International Space station environment: A single-case, experimental ABA study in Japan
Shinichiro, Sasahara;Christina-Sylvia, Andrea;Go, Suzuki;Yuichi, Oi;Shotaro, Doki;Daisuke, Hori;takashi, Ohira;Chie, Matsuda;Natsuhiko, Inoue;Tsukasa, Takahashi;Yuh, Ohtaki;Tamaki, Saito;Satoshi, Furukawa;katsuhiko, Ogata;ichiyo, Matsuzaki
Acta Astronautica   166 238-242   Oct 2019
Tsukasa, Takahashi;Daisuke, Hori;Tomohiko, Ikeda;Yuh, Ikeda;Nagisa, Shiraki;Christina-Sylvia, Andrea;Yuh, Ohtaki;Shotaro, Doki;Ohi, Yuichi;Shinichiro, Sasahara;Matsuzaki, Ichiyo
The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine   249(1) 57-64   Sep 2019   [Refereed]
<p>Non-regular employment is increasing and its mental health impact is a globally important problem. In Japan, non-regularly employed researchers are increasing, especially within young age groups, because employment quotas were not sufficiently...
Ohtaki, Yuh; Doki, Shotaro; Kaneko, Hidetoshi; Hirai, Yasuhito; Oi, Yuichi; Sasahara, Shinichiro; Matsuzaki, Ichiyo
PloS one   14(7)    Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Previous studies have reported an association between family relationships and suicidal behavior, and found that people with high suicidal ideation are not likely to consult with others about their distress. An effective consulting service is ther...
Hori, Daisuke;Takao, Soshi;kawachi, ichiro;Yuh, Ohtaki;Christina-Sylvia, Andrea;Tsukasa, Takahashi;Nagisa, Shiraki;Tomohiko, Ikeda;Yuh, Ikeda;Shotaro, Doki;Yuichi, Ohi;Shinichiro, Sasahara;matsuzaki, ichiyo
BMC Public Health   19(1) 919   Jul 2019   [Refereed]
[BACKGROUND] A growing body of evidence has demonstrated the associations between social capital and health. In residential or geographical areas, social capital has attracted attention for its protective effects against suicide. However, to this ...
Exercise can maintain brain function measured by fNIRS in ISS-simulating confined environment
International Astronautical Congress(IAC)   (9) 25-29   Sep 2017   [Refereed]

Books etc

Open Dialogues and Anticipations
斎藤 環;大井 雄一;大谷 保和;大滝 優;笹原, 信一朗;道喜将太郎;堀 大介;森田 展彰 (Part:Single Translation, 開かれた対話と未来)
医学書院   Sep 2019   
第4章 成人のSOCは変えられるか
笹原, 信一朗;大井 雄一 (Part:Contributor, ストレス対処力 SOC 健康を生成し健康に生きる力とその応用)
有信堂高文社   Feb 2019   
第33回日本思春期学会総会学術集会 「思春期における健康生成論とSOC」
笹原,信一朗 (Part:Supervisor, 1.思春期問題とSOCの関連)
日本思春期学会   Mar 2015   
働く人のメンタルヘルス 抑うつ気分・状態に対する早期対応
松崎一葉;笹原信一朗 (Part:Supervisor)
へるすあっぷ21 ㈱法研   2011   
働く人のメンタルヘルス 職場でパニック障害に陥ってしまった場合
松崎一葉;笹原信一朗 (Part:Supervisor)
へるすあっぷ21 ㈱法研   2011   

Conference Activities & Talks

オープンダイヤローグの視点から [Invited]
笹原, 信一朗;岩波孝穂
SST普及協会第24回学術集会群馬大会   7 Dec 2019   群馬大学健康支援総合センター
新井 陽;堀 大介;室井 慧;池田朝彦;池田 有;高橋 司;白木 渚;道喜将太郎;大井雄一;笹原信一朗;斎藤 環;松崎, 一葉
第38回日本思春期学会総会・学術集会   24 Aug 2019   
白木 渚;道喜将太郎;池田朝彦;池田 有;高橋 司;堀 大介;大井雄一;笹原信一朗;松崎, 一葉
第29回体力・栄養・免疫学会大会   24 Aug 2019   名城大学薬学部
笹原信一朗;石井麻有子;高橋 司;唐崎卓也;岩崎 寛;坂野純子;室井 慧;新井 陽;池田 有;池田朝彦;白木 渚;Christina-Sylvia, Andrea;大滝 優;堀 大介;道喜将太郎;大井雄一;松崎, 一葉
第29回体力・栄養・免疫学会大会   24 Aug 2019   名城大学薬学部
道喜将太郎;室井 慧;高橋 司;笹原信一朗;堀 大介;大井雄一;新井 陽;池田 有;池田朝彦;白木 渚;Christina-Sylvia, Andrea;大滝 優;松崎, 一葉
第29回体力・栄養・免疫学会大会   24 Aug 2019   名城大学薬学部

Research Grants & Projects

Mental health of scientific researchers in sientific city of Tsukuba