EBINE Naoyuki

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EBINE Naoyuki
Doshisha University
Faculty of Health and Sports Science Department of Health and Sports Science
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Physical Fitness and Science, University of Tsukuba
Graduate School, Division of Physical Education, University of Tsukuba
School of Health and Physical Education, University of Tsukuba


Influence of age on cardiorespiratory kinetics during sinusoidal walking in humans
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Books etc

Omega-3 fatty acids and plasma lipid levels.
EBINE Naoyuki (Part:Joint Work, 0,0,0-0)
The Amazing Egg: Nature's Perfect Functional Food for Health Promotion   2006   
The Amazing Egg: Nature's Perfect Functional Food for Health Promotion
EBINE Naoyuki, Jones PJH (Part:Joint Work, 219-233)
University of Alberta   2006   

Conference Activities & Talks

The prevalence and associated factors of sleep disordersamong Japanese collegiate athletes(Ibaraki, Japan)
ARIHHP Human High Performance International Forum 2017   2017   
Effect of duration of rapid weight loss on body composition change in elite collegiate wrestlers(Fribourg, Switzerland)
4th International Conference on Recent Advances and Controversies in the Measurement of Energy Metabolism (RACMEM-2017)   2017   
Body position & water absorption - An investigation with isotopic labeled water-
The 21st Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (Vienna, Austria)   2016   
Determinant of total energy expenditure in Japanese, community-dwelling, healthy, older adults using doubly labeled water and tri-axial accelerometer(Vancouver, Canada).
Kyoto-Kameoka Study Group, 13th International Congress on Obesity 2016   2016   
Effects of rapid weight loss based on energy balance on body composition in short-term(Vancouver, Canada)
13th International Congress on Obesity 2016   2016