KATO Naotaka

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KATO Naotaka
Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa
Job title
Chief Researcher

Research Areas


Published Papers

Consensus-making Support Systems dedicated to Creative Problem Solving
Susumu Kunifuji, Naotaka Kato
International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making,World Scientific Publishing, Vol.6 No.3 459-474 2007      [Refereed]
Analysis of Odor Preference and Adaptation Considering Subjectivity of Individual Resident
Yoshihiro Ueda, Naotaka Kato, Haruhiko Kimura, Shinji Furukawa
IEEJ Transactions on Electronics Information and Systems 122(8):1374-1380 2002      [Refereed]
Comparative Study of Public Attention Evaluation by KJ Method and AHP: The Effects of Outcome Feedback on Group Decision Making
Akira Takemura, Naotaka Kato, Susumu Kunifuji
Journal of Japan Creativity Society Vol.4 p.50-57 2000      [Refereed]
Applying AHP to Preference Analysis by Dynamic Judgment-A Study of Adaptation and Identification of Odor
Yoshihiro Ueda, Naotaka Kato, Haruhiko Kimura, Shinji Furukawa and Takashi Oyabu
J. Advanced Computational Intelligence Vol.5 No.4 p.213-219 2001      [Refereed]
Consensus-making support system for creative problem solving
Susumu Kunifuji, Naotaka Kato
knowledge-based systems Vol.10 No.1 pp.59-66 1997      [Refereed]

Books etc

Creativity Support in Brainstorming / in Creativity Environments edited by A. P. Wierzbicki and Y. Nakamori
S.Kunifuji, N.Kato and A. P. Wierzbicki (Part:Joint Work)
Springer,2007,pp.93-126   2007   

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