SEGAWA Hiroyoshi

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SEGAWA Hiroyoshi
Aichi Sangyo University
Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Management

Research Interests


Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Honorary Doctor of the Armenian Branch of International Academy of Science of nature and Society (academy@freenet. am)


" Similarities of the Armenians Massacres and the Holocaust "
Aichi Sangyo University Management Research Center,   Bulletin, No. 4 pp. 21-31    2001
Changing of Ideology of the Ottoman Empire : in Connection With Armenian Massacres
Bulletin of Aichi Sangyo University   Bulletin Vol, 9 pp 87-94    2001
" European Intervention Concerning the Armenian Treatment : mainly from the San Stefano Treaty to Sasun Aftairs.
Aichi Sangyo University, Bulletin   Bulletin, No. 8 , pp. 55-62    2000
Appraising the Armenian Massacres in the light of the Genocide Convention -A Study on the First Case of Genocide in the Twentieth Century-
Aichi Sangyo University, Bulletin   (11) 4-49   2003