Takenouchi Hideyuki

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Takenouchi Hideyuki
Sophia University
Faculty of Economics, Department of Management
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Sophia University
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Published Papers

Divestment by Foreign-Owned Firms in Japan
Takenouchi Hideyuki, Satio Yasuhiro
22 39-54   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
The Entry of Japanese auto parts manufacturers into China and their interdependent behavior in plant location choices
10 1-20   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Interdependent Behavior in Foreign Direct Investment: Japanese Auto-Parts Manufactures' Entry into China
Takenouchi Hideyuki
Sophia Economic Review   58(1・2) 253-263   Mar 2013
Developments in Corporate Environmental Disclosure : Building a Database of Environmental Reports and CSR Reports
Iwata Kazuyuki , Arimura Toshihide , Takenouchi Hideyuki
Sophia economic review   53(1-2) 31-44   Mar 2008
Subsidiary's role change in the MNE: the relationship between Japanese subsidiary and Chinese subsidiary
Takahashi Ichiro, Takenouchi Hideyuki
The Annual bulletin of the Japan Academy for International Trade and Business   (45) 66-73   Mar 2008


Interdependent Behavior in Foreign Direct Investment: Japanese Auto-Parts Manufactures’ Entry into China.
TAKENOUCHI HIDEYUKI, Takahashi Ichiro, Saito Yasuhiro
Economic Research Society of Sophia University   51 1-15   Mar 2011

Conference Activities & Talks

Location Choice of Japanese Multinationals in China: Experience, Distance, and Interdependent Behavior in Emerging Market Entry Decisions
Takenouchi, H., Hasegawa, S., Ando, K., and Takenouchi R.
SASE 2018 30th Annual Conference   23 Jun 2018   SASE
Firm Experience and Interdependent behavior in plant location choice:Entry of Japanese auto parts firms into China
Takenouchi, H., Ando, K., and Takenouchi, R.
SASE 2016 28th Annual Conference   26 Jun 2016   SASE (Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics)
Interdependent Behavior in Plant Location Choice: Japanese Auto-Parts Firms' Entry in China
Takenouchi, H., Saito, Y., and Takahashi, I.
SASE 2015 27th Annual Conference   3 Jul 2015   SASE (Society for the Advancement of Social-Economics)
Interdependent Behavior in Foreign Direct Investment:Japanese Auto-Parts Manufactures’ Entry into China
Takenouchi, H., Saito, Y., and Takahashi, I.
Academy of International Business 2012 Annual Meeting   1 Jul 2012   Academy of International Business