KIM Chan hoe

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KIM Chan hoe
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
College of Asia Pacific Studies
Job title
Vice President,Dean, Carrers
Ph.D(Ritsumeikan University)

Research Areas


Committee Memberships

Apr 2015
Mar 2017
The Japan Society for Folktale Studies(JSFS)  
Apr 2015
Mar 2020
The Japan Society for Folktale Studies(JSFS)  


Comparative study of a Korean folklore myth and the Japanese myth:The tales of Chilseong bonnpuri and Kaiko/fujisannohonnji
KIM Chan Hoe
21-40   2018
"The comparative study Of Sanshodayu folk‐literature―Japan and Korea―"
KIM Chan Hoe
The Japan Society of Folk-Literature and Traditions by setsuwa-denshou   (第26) 59-80   2018
Korea And The Odamakigata-Hebimukoiri Tale Of The Sobotake Legend -From The Perspective Of The Ironware Culture-
KIM Chan Hoe
48 83-132   2015
"Tales of Noah’s Ark in Korea; Mainly on the legend of a Sunk Island "
KIM Chan Hoe
The Japan Society for Folktale Studies(JSFS) "Folktales: Studies and Materials"   第42号(No.42) 5-22   2014
" A Korean Creation myth - Mainly on a Chonjiwang Bonpuri of Jeju Island "
KIM Chan Hoe
The Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies "polyglosia"No.26   第26 59₋78   2014

Books etc

" Large encyclopedia of the world myth and legend"
Tokyo:Bensei Publishing   2016   ISBN:978-4-585-20036-9
"Otogizōshi / Honji-monogatari and Korean Folktales"
Tokyo:Miyaishoten Publishing   2016   ISBN:978-4-8382-
"Yuriwakadaijin, opening up a hawk and culture of Kaji"
Tokyo:Miyaishoten Publishing   2015   ISBN:978-4-8382-3291-8
"The Creation myth which investigates the origin of Kojiki"
Tokyo:Miyaishoten Publishing   2013   ISBN:978-4-8382-3246-8
" Interchange and cultural transfiguration of the East Asia"
Seoul:Bakmunsa Publishing   2013   ISBN:978-89-98468-05-7

Conference Activities & Talks

Oral literature comparison of Japan and Cheju Island-Chilseong Bopuri and Kaiko,Hujisannohonji-
The Korea Language & Literature Society   2009