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Alex Bennett
Kansai University
Division of International Affairs
Job title
Human Studies and Sciences Ph.D., Ph.D.(University of Canterbury)
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Asian Studies, Japanese Language, Faculty of Literature, Canterbury University
Japanese Culture, Graduate School, Division of Language and Culture, University of Canterbury
Japanese Cultural Studies, Graduate School, Division of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
Japanese Studies, Graduate School, Division of Language and Culture, University of Canterbury

Committee Memberships

International Journal of Sport and Health Science - Editorial Board

Published Papers

"The Potential for Budo in the Next Century"
Inoshita Kaori ;Alexander Bennett (et al.)
IBU Budo Research   第15号、87-92頁    Aug 2010
"Spiritual Sports: The 'Civilizing Process' of Japanese Swordsmanship from the Tokugawa Period and Beyond"
Alexander Bennett
Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan   21巻、173-193頁    Nov 2008
"Japanese Budō in South East Asia- Shōrinji Kempō in Indonesia”
Alexander Bennett;Duncan Robert Mark
International Research Center for Japanese Studies IRCJS International Symposium Proceedings No. 14, "Globalization, Localization, and Japanese Studies in the Asia-Pacific Region"   37-50頁    Mar 2010
“A Synopsis of Status Change in the ‘Zainichi Korean’ Diaspora”
Alexander Bennett;Michael Ishimatsu-Prime
Teikyo University Faculty of Letters Kiyo- Japanese Culture   第39号、208-232頁    Mar 2008
"The Forgotten English Kenshi"
Alexander Bennett
Teikyo University Faculty of Letters Bulletin - Japanese Culture   第38号、301-314頁    Apr 2007

Books etc

The Bushi Ethos and its Evolution: An Investigation of the Socio-historical Thought of Bushido
Alexander Bennett
Shibunkaku Shuppan-sha   Apr 2009   ISBN:978-4784214266
The question of death is a central consideration in most studies into the culture of bushi and bushido. It is surprising to note, however, how comparatively few investigate the important role of the martial arts (bujutsu) to the samurai psyche and...
The Bushido Freak
Alexander Bennett
Shogakkan   Feb 2006   ISBN:978-4093876261
A foreigner's perspective on the value of martial art (budo) culture in contemporary Japan.
Naginata: The Definitive Guide
Alexander Bennett
KW Publications   Jun 2005   ISBN:978-4990169442
A comprehensive investigation of the history, culture, and techniques of the modern martial art of Naginata.
Japan as I See it - Budo as I See it
Alexander Bennett
Nippon Budokan Foundation   Apr 2001   
Jigoro Kano and the Kodokan: An Innovative Response to Modernisation
Alexander Bennett
Kodokan Judo Institute   Apr 2009   ISBN:OCLC number 756742110
A compilation of documents related to the ideals of Jigoro Kano and his motivation for creating Kodokan Judo.

Conference Activities & Talks

"Japanese Language Education in New Zealand"
Alexander Bennett
Jul 2016   
"Flossie Le Mar and Early jujutsu in New Zealand"
Alexander Bennett
Sep 2016   
"The ‘Recivilising’ Process of Kendo in the Immediate Post-war Period: An Analysis of the Significance of Shinai-Kyogi"
Alexander Bennett
11 Sep 2013
"The Characteristics of Injuries Incurred by Junior Karate Athletes"
Inoshita Kaori;Alexander Bennett (et al.)
Sep 2013
"Japanese Spiritual Sports: An Analysis of the Changing Role of Martial Arts in Education"
Alexander Bennett
24 Jan 2011   


Ideology of the Sword: A Spiritual History of Japanese Culture
Sakai Toshinobu;Christopher Yang (trans.);Alexander Bennett (supervising ed.)   Nov 2014
Strategy and the Art of Peace
Otake Risuke   Feb 2016

Social Contribution

International Naginata Federation Vice President
All Japan Kendo Federation Consultant
[]  1 Apr 2009 - 30 Jun 2013
New Zealand Kendo Federation National Coach
Kendo World Journal- Editor-in-Chief
All Japan Kendo Federation International Committee Member
[]  1 Jul 2013