TANAKA Hiroshige

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TANAKA Hiroshige
Chuo University
Faculty of Economics
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Apr 1977
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Apr 1974
Mar 1977
Graduate School, Division of Economics, Kyushu University

Awards & Honors

Mar 2002
公共経済学および環境経済学での業績, Leading Intellectuals of the world (2002~2003), American Biographical Institute
Mar 2002
公共経済学および環境経済学での業績, Universal Award of Accomplishment, 2002, American Biographical Institute
Feb 2002
公共経済学および環境経済学での業績, Key of Success : Achievement of Research, American Biographical Institute
Feb 2002
公共経済学および環境経済学での業績, International Caltural Diplama of Honor, American Biographical Institute
Feb 2001
500 Leaders of Influence, American Biographical Institute,Inc. (Raleigh,NC,USA)

Published Papers

Sustainability of Global Communities and Regional Risk Governance
Hiroshige TANAKA
Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science   1(2) 639-653   Oct 2017   [Refereed]
This paper develops the theoretical analysis of regional risk governance for the global communities. This paper demonstrates propositions stated as follows. Regional competition diversifies the regional risk governance to facilitate the reconstruc...
The Finance System as Global Public Goods and the Regeneration of Global Communities
Hiroshige Tanaka
Long Financc and London Accord   1-12   Jan 2016   [Refereed]
The financial system is classified also as the global public goods. The fail of the financial system in the particular country will require the cooperation among many states and organizations. |rn|Since each member obtains different costs and bene...
Crypto Currency and Decentralized Provision of Global Public Goods
Hiroshige Tanaka
London Accord and Long Finance Web Journal   (591) 1-19   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Appropriate provision of global public goods might be indispensable elements for global communities to be stable and sustainable. A series of global problems exhibit many confronting bottlenecks for the global public goods. Firstly, governmental p...
Shrinking City and Global City Hypotheses in the Urban Reform of the Tokyo Area
Hiroshige Tanaka
熊本学園大学経済論集   23 139-158   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
The Sustainability Theorem in the ESG Mechanism
Hiroshige Tanaka
Long Finance and London Accord Web Journal   1-29   Nov 2016   [Refereed]
In this detailed academic paper, Chuo University explore synthetic models for analysis the impact of ESG policies on communities in developing economies.|rn| The model analysis demonstrates that the ESG systems can promote sustainability by enhanc...


The Second Best Framework oc Sustainability and Diversified Regional Vitalization
Hiroshige Tanaka
The Annual of the Institute of Economic Research Chuo University   (50) 251-269   Oct 2018
Enlarged global economies have been experienced to bring about market and governmental failures. Possibly, the failures might cause great crises for the global communities. To prevent great crises global societies attempt to construct the sustaina...
Crypto Currency and Decentralized Provision of Trust
Hiroshige Tanaka
Keizaigaku Ronsan: The Journal of Economics   58(3・4) 277-292   Mar 2018
This paper demonstrates a hypothesis that the crypto currency should displace the global public goods. We construct the theoretical framework of global finance reconstructed by the development of blockchain technology. The theoretical investigatio...
Voluntary Contribution and Public Private Partnership in the Real World
Hiroshige Tanaka
Keizaigaku Ronsan   57(5・6) 209-230   Mar 2017
An Experimental Analysis of Regional Environmental Diagnosis on Consent, Participation and Communication in Regional Governance: From the Cooperative Research Project by Tokyo Hachioji City and Chuo University
Hiroshige TANAKA and Fuyuko MORITA
Keizaigaku Ronsan: The Journal of Economics   57(3・4) 289-317   Mar 2017
Cooperstive Provision of Public Goods and Sustainable and Stable Communities
Hiroshige Tanaka
Keizaigaku Ronsan: The Journal of Economics   56(3・4) 333-351   Mar 2016

Books etc

Economy, Society and Community Governance
Hiroshige TANAKA (Part:Editor, Chapter 1 |rn|An Experimental Approach for the Sustainable Regional Governance: Regional Environmental Diagnosis of Hachioji City 2013-15|rn|Hiroshige TANAKA,pp.1-28.)
The Institute of Economic Research, Chuo Unoversity   Jul 2017   
This book is yielded by collaborate works in the two meanings. The first is the collaboration between economics and sociology. The second is the collaboration between the two universities of China and Japan, Tsinghua University and Chuo University...
Global Community Governance
Hiroshige TANAKA, Qiang LI, Tianren GE, |rn|Tianguang MENG,Jing HAN,Qingxin LAN, |rn|Tuohan WANG, Xiaoyan TAN, |rn|Lipeng ZHAO, Masahiro SHINOHARA, (Part:Editor, Preface |rn|Global Issues and Local Communities            |rn|Hiroshige TANAKA |rn||rn|Chapter 1 |rn|Grassroots Community Construction, Comparative Study on Chinese and   |rn|Japanese Communities, and Qinghe Experiment              1       )
The institute of Economic Resarch   Jul 2016   
中央大学出版部   Mar 2016   
New Fiscal Issues on the Disparity Problems
Mashtoshi Kakagiri et al. (Part:Joint Work, 共著の第14章を執筆)
Chuo Universty Publishing   Mar 2016   
Topics Applied Economics Ⅱ
Tanaka Hiroshige (Part:Editor)
Keisoshobo   Jun 2015   

Conference Activities & Talks

Sustainability of Global Communities and Regional Risk Governanmce
World Educaion Day-2018   Sep 2018   
The practical learning brings the arrangement of the communication system and becomes to estimate accurately the altruistic and risk coefficients. The second best solution will prevent the global economic and social systems from becoming unsustain...
Sustainable Mechanism and Digital Government
International Symposium on Digital Government; Shandong Normal University   Sep 2018   
The growing corporations have developed the new positive and negative stakeholders at the same time. However, the communication system is not complete in the first stage of the growing network. The agreements regarding international business and l...
Meta governance and rural governance practice in East Asian countries and regions
Hiroshige Tanaka
Invited Lecture;Thoretical and Empirical Frameworks on Sustainable Global Governace, from The school of Public Administration, Shandong Normal University   Jan 2018   
To achieve sustainable global communities we must construct efficient mechanism to provide global public goods. Market and government failures in global public goods are demonstrated to cause significant social welfare losses such as critical cris...
Sustainability of Global Communities and Regional Risk Governance
Hiroshige Tanaka
Symposium in UIBE"Economy,Trade and Cooperation in East Asia"   Nov 2017   
This research provides the theoretical foundation on the sustainable mechanism of regions and explores the empirical evidences on Tokyo Area to be a leading global city. Actually, some options to provide global public goods are available for each ...
Crypto Currency and Decentralized Provision of Global Public Goods
Japan Association for Applies Economics   Oct 2017   
Appropriate provision of global public goods might be indispensable elements for global communities to be stable and sustainable. A series of global problems exhibit many confronting bottlenecks for the global public goods. Firstly, governmental p...


Economy,Society and Community Governance
Sep 2016 - Sep 2016
Public Private Partnership and Reginal Environmrnt Diagnosis in the Chuo University and Hachioji City Method
Jun 2015 - Jun 2015
Feb 2012 - Feb 2012
Campus Asia Project and Planning the Common Curriculum for Development a Public Specialist of Korean-Japanese-Chinese Local Society:Department of Economics, University of Incheon

Research Grants & Projects

文部科学省: 文部科学省の補助金
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2011    Investigator(s): 田中廣滋
文部科学省: 科学研究費補助金(日本学術振興会・文部科学省)
Project Year: Apr 2006 - Mar 2008    Investigator(s): 田中廣滋
中央大学: 中央大学共同研究費他
Project Year: Apr 2005 - Mar 2006
文部科学省: 現代的教育ニーズ取組支援プログラム
Project Year: Apr 2004 - Mar 2007    Investigator(s): 取組責任者・田中廣滋

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