KIDA Takuya

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KIDA Takuya
Musashino Art University
Job title

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

 Sakura City Museum of Art, Curator
- National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, Curator

Published Papers

Research on Chinese Ceramics in Dalian: Komori Shinobu and the Togakai Network during the Taisho Period
KIDA Takuya
Bulletin of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo   (21) 6-34   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Visit Japan: Travel Posters as ‘Self-Portrait’ of Japan
KIDA Takuya
Visit Japan: Tourism Promotion in the 1920s and 1930s   6-10   Jan 2016
Osaka Expo ’70 Design Project: Seeking “Progress ans Harmony for Mankind”
KIDA Takuya
11-15   Mar 2015
1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, A Design Project: “Japanese-ness” in Olympic Designs
KIDA Takuya
Proceedings and Program vol. 2, 5th IASDR 2013 TOKYO   3528-3534   Aug 2013   [Refereed]
Museum of Arts and Design 1956-2008---”Kogei/Craft”:The Way Ahead
KIDA Takuya
Bulletin of The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo   (17) 34-47   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Okochi Masatoshi and Okuda Seiichi: The Tojiki Kenkyukai, Saikokai and Toyo Toji Kenkyujo: Focusing on the Taisho Period
KIDA Takuya
TOYO TOJI: Oriental Ceramics   42 15-35   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
”Japanese-ness” in Designs for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games
Kida Takuya
Design Project for the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games   8-14   2013
‘Kitaro Kunii’s Discourse on Indigenous Industrial Arts: “Japaneseness” and Modern Design in 1930 Japan’
The Journal of the Design History Workshop Japan   (9) 47-92   2011   [Refereed]
John D. Rockefeller III’s Travels in Japan in the 1950s: Japanese Crafts and USA ‘Soft Power’ in the Cold War Era
“Design and craft: a history of convergences and divergences”, 7th Conference of the International Committee of Design History and Design Studies   130-134   2010   [Refereed]


The Wings of Foliage by Shingo Muramoto: Creating from Nature
KIDA Takuya
   Nov 2018
‘Japanese Craftsmen Crossing Borders: Asian-ness in Modern Crfats,’
KIDA Takuya
Design History   (11) 122-127   Aug 2013
Japanese-ness/Asian-ness’ in Crafts in the 1920s-30s
KIDA Takuya
Proceedings for Translating and Writing Modern Design Histories in East Asia for the Global World   1-3   Jun 2013   [Invited]
Seven Ceramic Innovators
KIDA Takuya
Seven Sages of Ceramics: Modern Japanese Masters   3-5   Mar 2013
Asia as Dreamed by Craftspeople: “Asianist” Crafts Arts
KIDA Takuya
Japanese Crossing Borders: Asia as Dreamed by Craftspeople, 1910s-1945   144-151   Apr 2012

Books etc

Insights from Gurcharan Singh’s pottery collection: Ceramics art in Japan around 1920 as seen by an Indian student
KIDA Takuya
Japan Foundation, New Delhi   Mar 2019   
Vessel Explored, Vessel Transformed: Tomomoto Kenkichi and his Enduring Legacy
KIDA Takuya (Part:Contributor, The Pursuit of Originality in Ceramics)
JOAN B MIRVISS   Jan 2019   
The 20th Century Art in Japan
KIDA Takuya (Part:Contributor, Crafts)
Tokyo Art Club   Jan 2019   
Design Project for the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games
KIDA Takuya (Part:Editor)
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo   Feb 2013   
Japanese Crossing Borders: Asia as Dreamed by Craftspeople, 1910s-1945
KIDA Takuya (Part:Editor)
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo   Apr 2012   
Hara Hiromu and The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo:What One Discovers Through Design Work
KIDA Takuya (Part:Editor)
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo   Feb 2012   

Conference Activities & Talks

A Designer Co-working with Local Handicrafts Industry: Toshiyuki Kita
KIDA Takuya
ICDHS 2018   31 Oct 2018   
Potter’s Environment around 1920: When Gurucharan Singh Was in Japan
KIDA Takuya
Asian Dialogues: Gurcharan Singh an Indian Potter in Japan   28 Mar 2017   
Looking for Design Resources in China: Traveling Japanese Potters in the 1920s-1930s
KIDA Takuya
10th Conference of the International Committee for Design History & Design Studies (ICDHS 2016)   26 Oct 2016   
Modern Chinoiserie in Manchuria: Reviving Ancient Chinese Ceramics in the 1910-20s
KIDA Takuya
AAS-in-ASIA Conference   26 Jun 2016   
The Formation of the Concept “Oriental Ceramics” (Toyo-toji): The Collection and Research of Chinese and Korean Ceramics in Japan 1920s-30s
KIDA Takuya
Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference   28 Mar 2015