OGATA Takashi

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OGATA Takashi
Iwate Prefectural University
Faculty of Software and Information Science
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Academic & Professional Experience

Sep 2005
Professor, Faculty of Software and Information Science, Iwate Prefectural University
Apr 2012
Mar 2013
Professor, Abolition organization, Iwate Prefectural University


Mar 1983
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Waseda University
Mar 1992
Graduate School, Division of Business Administration and Economic Policy, University of Tsukuba
Mar 1995
Graduate School, Division of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

On the Rhetoric for Narrating the World(共著)
Ogata,Takashi、Yazawa, Kiyoaki
日本認知科学会テクニカルレポート 00-No.40 「文学と認知・コンピュータ2-文学の拡張-」(良峯徳和・赤間啓之・徃住彰文編)      Dec 2000
A Study of Story Generation and Representation: A Simulation of V.Propp Theory as a Starting Point(共著)
Ogata,takashi、Hosaka, Yoshinori
小方孝 編著,物語の<認知・テクスト・社会>-山梨大学集中講義2002の記録-, 日本認知科学会テクニカルレポートNo.52      Aug 2004
Automatic TV-CF Generation Based on the Analysis of the Relation between Story and Brand(共著)
Ogata,Takasi、Kayamori, Osamu
小方孝 編著,物語の<認知・テクスト・社会>-山梨大学集中講義2002の記録-, 日本認知科学会テクニカルレポートNo.52      Aug 2004
Music Generation by Transformation: Toward the Narratology of Music(共著)
Ogata,Takashi、Kobayashi, Fuminori
小方孝 編著,物語の<認知・テクスト・社会>-山梨大学集中講義2002の記録-, 日本認知科学会テクニカルレポートNo.52      Aug 2004
Aspects of Narrative Discourse Process and Their Integration by Computer Simulation(共著)
T.Ogata、S. Umehara, S. Yamakage, K. Ueda and Y. Hosaka
小方孝 編著,物語の<認知・テクスト・社会>-山梨大学集中講義2002の記録-, 日本認知科学会テクニカルレポートNo.52      Aug 2004

Books etc

A Story Generation System Based on Propp Theory: As a Mechanism in an Integrated Narrative Generation System
Shohei Imabuchi and Takashi Ogata (Part:Contributor, Lecture Note of Artificial Intelligence, Vol.7614, Springer, 312-321)
Springer   2012   
Methods for Generalizing the Propp-based Story Generation Mechanism
Shohei Imabuchi and Takashi Ogata (Part:Contributor, Lecture Notes in Computer Science/Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI, vol.8210, Springer, 333-344)
Springer   2013