Sau Kuen Fan

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Sau Kuen Fan
Kanda University of International Studies
Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of International Communication
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2014
Mar 2018
Director, Global Communication Institute, Kanda University of International Studies
Lecturer, Department of Japanese Studies, Monash University
Apr 2006
Professor, Department of International Studies, Kanda University of International Studies


Department of Japanese Studies, Faculty of Arts, Monash University


Sau Kuen Fan
Global Communication Studies   (4) 1-4   Sep 2016
Sau Kuen Fan
Intercultural Communication Studies   (21) 1-5   2009   [Refereed]
Review of Kang Kwong Luke's Utterance Particles in Cantonese Conversation (1990, Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp.329)
Sau Kuen Fan
Multilingua   16(1) 111-113   1997   [Refereed]

Books etc

The Language Management Approach: A focus on research methodology
Sau Kuen Fan (Part:Joint Work, Methodological considerations for the study of accustomed language management: An ethnographic approach (H. Muraoka; S. K. Fan & M. Ko))
Berlin: Peter Lang GmbH   2018   ISBN:978-3-631-65042-4
Sau Kuen Fan (Part:Supervisor)
Bonjinsha   Jan 2014   ISBN:4893588710
Sau Kuen Fan (Part:Joint Work, Host management of Japanese among young native users in contact situations)
Peter Lang GmbH   Nov 2009   ISBN:3631582633
Sau Kuen Fan (Part:Joint Work, Teaching Japanese interaction as a process of language management)
IUDICIUM Verlag GmbH   Apr 2008   ISBN:3891298544

Conference Activities & Talks

Sau Kuen Fan
5th Language Management Symposium: Interests and power in language management   13 Sep 2017   
Sau Kuen Fan
10th Language for Specific Purposes Conference: Insights and Innovations   27 Jul 2016   
Sau Kuen Fan
4th Language Management Symposium: How do we manage languages? Global perspectives and local challenges   26 Sep 2015   
Muraoka, H, S. K. Fan & M. Ko
3rd Language Management Symposium: Special Focus on Research Methodology   14 Sep 2013   
Awareness and evaluation of linguistic landscape as language practice in multicultural society: focusing on the role of Chinese characters
Sau Kuen Fan
5th Annual Round Table Language and Society Centre: Language and superdiversity: Challenges and opportunities   21 Feb 2013