TAjIMA Fumiko

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TAjIMA Fumiko
Hiroshima University
Faculty of Science, Department of Earth and Planetary Systems Science, Faculty of Science Earth and Planetary Systems Science
Job title
Doctor of Science(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas



Geophysics, Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo


IRIS Data Management Center, exercise of user interface
UTIG Technical Report   106 1-40   1990
Retrieval and display of data from the Hockley broad-band seismometer, interim report
UTIG Technical Report   137 1-55   1995
Gopher captures Santa Cruz event
IRIS Newsletter   1(1) 45-47   1989
Unusual zone of seismic coupling in the northern Bonin Arc: the Hachijo-Oki 1972 earthquakes and related seismicity, special issue on Sunduction
Pure and Applied Geophysics   129 233-261   1989
Unusual zone of seismic coupling in the northern Bonin Ar
Tectonics   6 757-774   1987

Books etc

Review of probabilistic seismic hazard and fault displacement analyses at non-reactor sites
Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses   1995   
Source rupture of the 17 August Izmit/Turkey earthquake
ITU publication, ISBN975-561-182-7   2000   
High velocity zone beneath southern Tibetan plateu and implications for regional mantle dynamics
Mantle Dynamics and Plate Interactions in East Asia   1998   
Tectonic implications of the seismic ruptures associated with the 1983 and 1991 Costa Rica earthquakes
Geologic and Tectonic Development of the Carribean Plate Boundary in Southern Central America, Geol. Soc. Am. Special Paper   1995   


Calibration for Coda Derived Moment Magnitude Using Seismic Waveform Data from the Northern California Seismic Network
Determination of coda moment-magnitudes and construction of a real-time data retrieval system via Satellite in the southwestern Japan
Study of real-time transmission and access of earthquake information
US-Japan Collaborative Researc
1997 - 1999
Simulational modeling of electromagnetic interaction between the geomagnetic fields and the Earth's deep interior
1999 - 2002

Research Grants & Projects

Seismological Analysis of Mantle Structure with Subducting Slab and Numerical Simulations
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2004 - 2007
Physical interpretation of lithosphere short wavelength heterogeneities
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2003   
Site effective real time earthquake data and information access
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2002