YAMANE Kiminori

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YAMANE Kiminori
Hiroshima University
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Job title
Assistant Professor
Medical Doctorate(Hiroshima University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Programs for Internal Medicine, Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences, Hiroshima University


Diabetes Metabolism Res & Rev   20(5) 399-404   2004
In vitro regulation of low-density llipoprotein receptor interaction by fatty acids.
Metabolism   44(11) 1428-1434   1995
Westernized food habits and concentrations of serum lipids in the Japanese.
Atherosclerosis   100(2) 249-255   1993
Hiroshi MORI, Masamichi OKUBO, Midori OKAMURA, Kiminori YAMANE, Seijiro KADO, Genshi EGUSA, Takehiko HIRAMOTO, Hitoshi HARA, Michio YAMAKIDO
Int Med.   31(2) 189-193   1992

Books etc

Influence of diabetes on LDL lipid composition and its effect on LDL binding to human LDL receptor.
Elsevier Science Publisher B.V.   1991   
Diabetes and diabetic macroangiopathy in Japanese-Americans.
the Syndicate of the Press of the University of Cambridge   1992   
Effect of dietary fatty acids on LDL binding.
The New York Academy of Science   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Study for the associations between inflammation and obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis: data from the Japanese-Americans
Project Year: 2001 - 2005