DAI Junko

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DAI Junko
Hijiyama University
Faculty of Contemporary Culture
Job title
Associate Professor
Master of Arts in Tourism(Rikkyo University)

Research Areas



Tourism, -, Rikkyo University

Published Papers

Understanding the basic structure of Fantourism -A Case Study of Japanese Idol Fans-
DAI Junko, KODA Mariko, CHOI Keumjin
Rikkyo University Bulletin of Studies in Tourism   (20) 123-131   Mar 2018
Fantourism: Analysis of significance of Concerts as a travel motivation
KODA Mariko, DAI Junko,CHOI Keumjin
Journal of Japan Institute of Tourism Research   (32) 121-124   Dec 2017
Fan Tourism and Behavior Characteristic of Foreign Fans
CHOI Keumjin, KODA Mariko, DAI Junko
12th International Forum of Northeast Asia Tourism (INFAT)、 10th International Conference by Tourism Institute of Northeast Asia (TINA)   41-46   Jul 2017
The interaction between Fan and Fan Tourism destinations -A case study on Mega-Concerts of an Idol Group-
DAI Junko, KODA Mariko, CHOI Keumjin
Proceedings for JSTHE Annual Conference   (16) 1-4   Mar 2017
Communication and influence of fan tourism: A case study about a mega concert in Rifu-cho, Miyagi
DAI Junko, KODA Mariko, CHOI Keumjin
Journal of Japan Institute of Tourism Research   (31) 473-476   Dec 2016   [Refereed]


Changes in social strata on the Cunard's Queen sisters
Asia Pacific Tourism Association on Tenth Annual Conference, Conference Proceedings   pp.206-217.    2004

Research Grants & Projects

Project Year: 2002 - 2005