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Doshisha University
Faculty of Law Department of Law
Master of Laws(Osaka University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Law, Osaka University
Faculty of Law, Osaka University

Committee Memberships

Academy for International Business Transactions President

Published Papers

Naoshi TAKASUGI, “E-Commerce Law and the Prospects for Uniform E-Commerce Rules on the Privacy and Security of Electronic Communications”,
Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law,   vol.33 257-262   2016
Naoshi TAKASUGI, “Law Governing Set-off in Japanese Private International Law”,
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Naoshi TAKASUGI “Conflict of Laws Conventions and Their Reception in National Legal Systems”,
University of Tokyo Journal of Law and Politics,   (Vol.7,) 120-126   2010
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "E-commerce and Dispute Resolution: Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in a Dispute Arising from a Computer Information Transaction",
Kubota TAKASHI (ed.),
Cyberlaw for Global E-business: Finance, Payment, and Dispute Resolution,   239-254   2008


Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Reflections on conflict's rules in the Hague Trusts Convention",
Minshoho-zashi [Civil and Commercial Law Journal],   vol.104,(No.5,) 59-93   1991
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Study on Temporal and Spatial Transformation of the Local Human Environment and Reconstruction of Regional System,   187-195   1997
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Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Translation: 'The Access to International Court of Justice in Resolving Environmental Disputes: Some Reflections' by Javid Rehman",
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Naoshi TAKASUGI, "International E-Commerce and Dispute Resolution Systems: Some Proposals for Reform in Civil Procedure and ADR",
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Westlaw Japan Column on Recent Cases,   (No.121)    2017
Naoki KANAYAMA, Masayuki KATO, Hiroo SONO, Eriko TAOKA, David LITT, and Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Activities and Next Tasks of PACL",
Horitsu Jiho,   vol.90,(No.3,) 70-81   2018
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Asian Principles of Private International Law",
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Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Qualifications of Arbitrators: Impartiality and Independence",
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Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Supreme Court Judgment of 12 December 2017: Application of Japanese Antimonopoly Act to the Price Cartel concluded outside of Japan",
Westlaw Japan Column on Recent Cases,   (No.137)    2018
Shawn HUIZENGA & Naoshi TAKASUGI, "A Comparison of Recent American and Japanese Jurisdiction Cases",
Amerika Ho,   [2017](No.2,) 196-215   2018

Books etc

Hiroo SONO, Maomi OKINO, Tomotaka FUJITA, Souichiro KOZUKA, Tetsuro MORISHITA, and Naoshi TAKASUGI, Current State and Problems on Uniform Law,
(Shoji Homu, 2013)   
Toshio SAWADA, Noboru KASHIWAGI, Yasutomo SUGIURA, Naoshi TAKASUGI, Tetsuro MORISHITA, and Fumiko MASUDA (eds.), Materials for International Business Law (3rd ed.),
(Yuhikaku, 2014)   
Yoshiaki NOMURA (ed.), Case Study on Private International Law (2nd. ed.),
(Horitsu Bunkasha, 2014)   
Yoshiaki NOMURA, Naoshi TAKASUGI, and Takashi KUBOTA (eds.), Case Study on Private International Law,
(Yuhikaku, 2015)   
Hiroshi MATSUOKA (revised and enlarged by Naoshi TAKASUGI), Kokusai Kankei Shiho Kogi [Textbook on Private International Law],
(Horitsu Bunkasha, 2015)   

Conference Activities & Talks

Naoshi TAKASUGI, "International Civil Litigation in Japanese Courts"
Brazil-Japan Symposium(Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)   2005   
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Recent development of International Business Law in Japan"
Buenos Aires Bar Association Seminar (Buenos Aires, Argentina)   2007   
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "International Business Transactions and International Judicial Jurisdiction: Some Remarks on the 2011 Act in Japan"
International Academic Seminar on International Business Transactions Law (Busan, Korea)   2012   
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Introduction to Japanese Legal System: Focusing on Private International Law Issues"
Sebelas Maret Seminar (Surakarta, Indonesia)   2013   
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "International e-Commerce: Dispute Resolution"
10th e-Trade International Forum (Seoul, Korea)   2013   

Research Grants & Projects

Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Conflicts Law on Trusts"
Project Year: 1993 - 1993
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "International Countertrade and Law"
Project Year: 1995 - 1995
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Uniform Private International Law Conventions in Latin America"
Project Year: 1999 - 2000
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Harmonization of Private International Law for Environmental Problems in Asia"
Project Year: 2001 - 2003
Naoshi TAKASUGI, "Uniform Private International Law and Intellectual Property Law and Integration in Americas"
Project Year: 2006 - 2008

Social Contribution

Domestic Relations Conciliation Commissioner
[]  1994 - 1994
Japan Association of Arbitrators (JAA): Vice-Chair of Kansai Branch
[]  2016 - 2016
2018 Bar Examiner (Private International Law)
[]  2018 - 2018
Specialist Mediator, Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC)
[]  2018 - 2018