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Ochanomizu University
Faculty of Science, Division of Information Sciences
Job title
Ph. D.(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Ph.D. in Engineering(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Master of Engineering(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Bachelor of Science(Nagoya University)
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1984
Mar 1997
Resarcher, Tokyo Research Laboratory, IBM
Apr 1997
Mar 2001
Associate Professor (as old post name), Faculty of Engineering, Tamagawa University
Apr 2001
Mar 2002
Visiting Researcher, School of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
Apr 2001
Mar 2005
Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Tamagawa University
- Department of Intelligent Information Systems, Faculty of Engineering, Tamagawa University, (Tokyo, Japan).


Apr 1981
Mar 1984
Department of Information Processing, Interdisciplinary Granduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Apr 1979
Mar 1981
Department of Information Processing, Interdisciplinary Granduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Apr 1975
Mar 1979
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Nagoya University
Department of Information Processing, Graduate School, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Committee Memberships

Information Processing Society Japan  
Information Processing Society Japan  
Information Processing Society Japan  
Information Processing Society Japan  
Information Processing Society Japan  

Awards & Honors

Jun 2011
AwareHanger: Context-aware hanger for detecting laundry states, Best Poster Award, Pervasive 2011
Winner: Nanami Tajima, Koji Tsukada, Itiro Siio
Nov 2011
Anamorphicons: An extended display with a cylindrical mirror, The Best Poster Award (ITS 2011), ACM International Conference ITS 2011
Winner: Chihiro Suga, Itiro Siio
Mar 2013
Memory Stones, Interactive Presentation Award, Information Processing Society of Japan
Nov 2015
StudI/O: Locating Toy Blocks by Projection, ACE 2015 Silver Creative Showcase Award, ACE 2015
Winner: Natsumi Hashimoto and Itiro Siio
Dec 2015
いたねこ:人間に痛みを伝える遠隔猫じゃらし, WISS 2015 対話発表賞, 情報処理学会
Winner: 安齊 クレア, 的場 やすし, 椎尾 一郎

Published Papers

Memory Stones: An Intuitive Data Transfer Method for Multi-touch Devices
Kaori Ikematsu, Itiro Siio
Journal of Information Processing   55(4) 1344-1352   Apr 2014   [Refereed]
Azusa Kadomura, Koji Tsukada, Itiro Siio
Journal of Information Processing   22(2) 325-333   Apr 2014   [Refereed]
CADo : Supporting system for flower arrangement
Anna Yokokubo, Itiro Siio
Journal of Information Processing   55(4) 1246-1255   Apr 2014   [Refereed]
Azusa Kadomura, Yoko Ichioka, Koji Tsukada, Jun Rekimoto, Itiro Siio
Human-Computer Interaction. Applications and Services (HCII '14), Crete, Greek (Presentation)   8512 256-264   Jun 2014   [Refereed]
Aya Ikeda, Itiro Siio
HCI International 2014, Lecture Notes in Computer Science   8524 138-145   Jun 2014   [Refereed]


Real World Oriented Interface using the FieldMouse
The Computer Software   18(1) 28-38   2001
A Simple AR System for Casual Communication.
The Computer Software   19(4) 2-9   2002
Peek-a-drawer: communication by furniture
Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computer Systems   582-583   2002
Real-World Graphical User Interfaces
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing   72-84   2000
Real-world Interaction using the FieldMouse
ACM Press, CHI Letters   1(1) 113-119   1999

Books etc

Human Interface Development in the next Generation
Itiro Siio, et al. (Part:Contributor)
NTS Inc.   Jun 2013   
Virtual Glassboat: For looking under the Ground
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, Usability Evaluation and Interface Design, ISBN 0-8058-3607-1   2001   
IconStickers: Converting Computer Icons into Real Paper Icons
Human-Computer Interaction, Ergonomics and User Interfaces, ISBN 0-8058-3391-9   1999   
InfoBinder: A Pointing Device for Virtual Desktop System
Symbiosis of Human and Artifact: Human and Social Aspects of Human-Conmputer Interaction, ISBN 0-444-81795-6   1995   
Ubicomp 2004: Ubiquitous Computing
LNCS 3205, Springer, Sep. 2004.   2004   

Conference Activities & Talks

Kitchen of the Future and Applications
Itiro Siio and Reiko Hamada and Noyuri Mima
HCI International 2007   Jul 2007   
辻田 眸, 川原 夕季, 塚田 浩二, 椎尾 一郎,
 情報処理学会研究報告   May 2011    Vol.2011-UBI-30, No.7, 2011.5.27
AwareHanger: Context-aware hanger for detecting laundry states
Nanami Tajima, Koji Tsukada, Itiro Siio
 Adjunct Proceedings of Pervasive 2011(Poster)   Jun 2011    pp. 13-16, San Francisco, CA, USA, (Jun, 2011)
GuideCam: A Digital Camera with Picture Spot Finder
Chiho Watanabe, Koji Tsukada, Takayuki Goto, Itiro Siio
 Adjunct Proceedings of Pervasive 2011(Demo)   Jun 2011    pp. 37-40, San Francisco, CA, USA, (Jun, 2011)
LunchCommunicator: Communication Support System using a Lunchbox
Naoko Kotani, Koji Tsukada, Keita Watanabe, Itiro Siio
 Adjunct Proceedings of Pervasive 2011(Demo)   Jun 2011    pp. 9-12,San Francisco, CA, USA, (Jun, 2011)


Study on Real-world Oriented Interface
2001 - 2002
User interface using papers and data-carriers
2000 - 2001
Smart Furniture
2000 - 2001

Research Grants & Projects

Eveeryday Computing
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research


A Virtual Conference Room
Table Editor
USP5,239,287 EU0437077