Tachiki Dennis

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Tachiki Dennis
Tamagawa University
College of Business Administration, Department of International Management
Job title
Adjunct Professor


(1) e- commerce in Japan, (2) the role of multinational companies in regional integration, (3)social enterprises/base of the pyramid; (4)Tamagawa University Faculty of Business Administration's DLP (Dual Language Program)

Research Interests


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2001
Tamagawa University
Nov 1999
Jul 2001
Fujitsu Research Institute
Sep 1998
Oct 1999
Asian Productivity Organization
Aug 1988
Aug 1998
Sakura Institute of Research
Apr 1988
Mar 1992
Sophia University


Sep 1972
May 1974
Psychology, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

Published Papers

TQM in the Bangladesh Public Sector: An Action Research Note
Dennis Tachiki
14 1?12   Jun 2010
Ubiquitious Work in Japan: The Supply and Demand for e-Skills
Dennis Tachiki
13 43?59   Dec 2009
Delivering Quality Public Services: A Bottom-Up TQM Approach in Bangladesh
Dennis Tachiki
Japan International Cooperation Agency      Dec 2009
TQM in Japan: The Lessons of Deming, Juran and JUSE
Dennis Tachiki
Japan International Cooperation Agency      Feb 2009
TQM in the Public Sector: Listening to the Voice of the Citizen
Dennis Tachiki
Japan International Cooperation Agency      Feb 2009


"Electronic Commerce in Japan: An Overview of the Infrastructure and National Policy Environment"
Tamagawa Univ. Faculty of Business Administration   2 37-64   2002
"How Do Different National Environments and Policy Influence EC Difffusion: The Case of Japan"
University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences      2002
"The Globalization of E-Commerce: Policy an Environment in Japan"
University of California at Irvine, Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations      2002
"English for Communication: A Needs Analysis of the EC Program at Tamagawa University"
Tamagawa Univ. Faculty of Business Administration   2 163-174   2002
"Electronics Manufacturing Services in Asia: New Forms of Delocalized Production in Japanese Companies"
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology      2001

Books etc

Expanding the Circle: TQM in the Public Sector
Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management   Oct 2008   
"ICT and Corporate Structure: The Diffusion of E-Commerce Across Japanese Companies"
Routledge Curzon Press   Apr 2007   
Beyond Developmental Capitalism: Structural and Organizational Change in Japan
Asian Business & Management   Mar 2007   
"Japan: Local Innovation and Diversity in E-Commerce"
Cambridge University Press   Aug 2006   
Pathways to Innovation: Policies, Products and Processes for Competitive Advantage in a Global Economy
German Center for Japanese Studies   Jun 2005   

Conference Activities & Talks

Leveraging SMEs' Intrinsic Technologies: University and Industry Collaboration in Japan"
Copenhagen Business School and Universiti Sains Malaysia workshop on "Global Economics and the SME Business Environments in East and Southeast Asia"   Sep 2010   
"University and Industry Collaborations; Changes in Japanese Innovation System”
12th European Association for Japanese Studies   Sep 2008   
"Regional Strategies in a Globl Economy: MNC in East Asia"
Hochschule Bremen-Leeds University   Feb 2008   
"Regional Strategies in a Global Economy: Multinational Corporations in East Asia"
Hochschule Bremen and Leeds University Conference on "Corporate Strategies in the New Asia"   Feb 2008   
"JICA Training Course on Business Management Cooperation in the Asia Pacific"
23rd APEC SME Working Group   Sep 2006   

Research Grants & Projects

Social Enterprises in Asia
Automobile Industry in India
Multinational Corporations
Policies in Support of High-Growth SMEs
Project Year: Jul 2010 - Jun 2013
Overseas Strategies of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)
Project Year: 2008 - 2011