GOTO Naohiro

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GOTO Naohiro
Toyo University
Job title
Assistant prefessor

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2017
Professor, Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Toyo University

Published Papers

Nova Ulhasanah, Naohiro Goto
Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management   1-16   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
© 2017 Springer Japan KK, part of Springer Nature Waste separation system which has been relatively successful in developed countries is expected to be the solution for municipal solid waste’s problems in Padang city, Indonesia. However, the exist...
金井亮太, 大和田健登, 藤江幸一, 橘隆一, 塚本真大, 後藤尚弘, HASANUDIN Udin
環境科学会誌(Web)   30(2) 57‐66(J‐STAGE)   2017   [Refereed]
後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一, 橘隆一, HASANUDIN Udin, 塚本真大, 金井亮太, 大和田健登
環境科学会誌(Web)   30(2) 67‐74(J‐STAGE)   2017   [Refereed]
立花潤三, 並木佳純, 並木佳純, 後藤尚弘
環境共生   29 24‐33   Sep 2016   [Refereed]
環境共生 = Journal of human and environmental symbiosis   28 20-31   Mar 2016   [Refereed]
徳永翔大, 後藤尚弘, 九里徳泰
土木学会論文集 G(環境)(Web)   71(6) II_329‐II_337(J‐STAGE)   2015
長沼悠介, 立花潤三, 後藤尚弘
環境システム研究論文集   42(6) II.351-II.359-II_359   Oct 2014   [Refereed]
 For sustainable society, it is important to realize food supply and demand system which is low environmental load. Previous studies about the system focused on only an aspect, for example lifestyle, economy or environmental aspect. In this study ...
立花潤三, 周敦史, 蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘
環境科学会誌   27(5) 277-288   Sep 2014   [Refereed]
Porcelain recycling rate in Japan is low today because of the limited amounts and various kinds of recyclable porcelain. Companies in some porcelain producing districts have tried to develop processes that use recycle crushed porcelain. However, a...
Raupova Ozoda, Kamahara Hirotsugu, Goto Naohiro
RESOURCES CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING   89 76-85   Aug 2014   [Refereed]
九里徳泰, 田開寛太郎, 後藤尚弘, 小林敬幸, 加藤丈佳
環境共生   24 32-42   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
Kamahara Hirotsugu, Fujihira Atsushi, Goto Naohiro, Fujie Koichi, Tachibana Ryuichi, Oyabu Chiho, Sugihara Toshiharu
Journal of the Japan Society of Waste Management Experts   25 45-56   2014   [Refereed]
It was recently noticed that regions of Mongolia are in need of comprehensive 3R waste action programs that include not appropriate waste treatment system set-up, but also incentives for getting people to reduce their total waste output. The aim ...
Pertiwi Andarani and Naohiro Goto
Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management   16(2) 306-320   Apr 2014   [Refereed]
蒲原弘継, 久保親, 後藤尚弘
システム農学   29(2) 59-66   Apr 2013   [Refereed]
Recent year, natural farming and organic farming has received attention owing to rising interest in the health benefits and concern environmental problem. These farming methods can be considered as low energy consumption by these farming, because ...
蒲原弘継, HASANUDIN Udin, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 橘隆一, 熱田洋一, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一, 大門裕之
化学工学論文集   38(5) 299-304   Nov 2012   [Refereed]
Several clean development mechanism projects for bioenergy production have been started in Southeast Asia. However, the effect of these projects on the lifecycle aspect of biomass production is still unclear. This study aimed to evaluate GHG emiss...
NISHIYAMA Wataru, OHARA Kasumi, GOTO Naohiro
Journal of the Japan Society of Waste Management Experts   23(2) 100-108   Mar 2012
Inappropriate management of medical waste has recently become a problem, with more studies being conducted on the conditions surrounding this issue and more appropriate management strategies being developed. Most of these medical waste studies ha...
杉田良介, 蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘
環境共生   20 44-53   Mar 2012
橘隆一, 近藤浩正, 荒川正幹, 後藤尚弘, 船津公人, 藤江幸一
環境科学会誌   25(2) 134-150   Mar 2012
An input-output table indicates the cash flow among industries, and hence, an appropriate parameter is required to convert cash flow into material flow. For this purpose, we developed an optimality method for estimating weights using prices. Furth...
GOTO Naohiro, SAWAI Yusuke
環境科学会誌 = Environmental science   24(6) 547-555   Nov 2011
山口耕太, 蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘, 稲吉辰夫, 荒川正幹, 船津公人, 藤江幸一
廃棄物資源循環学会論文誌   22(5) 306-313 (J-STAGE)-313   Sep 2011
Based on a life cycle assessment, this study evaluates changes in environmental impact as a result of the introduction of a clay roof tile recycling system. The clay roof tile is a ceramic product that must be crushed in order to be recycled. Our ...
Kamahara Hirotsugu, Hasanudin Udin, Widiyanto Anugerah, Tachibana Ryuichi, Atsuta Yoichi, Goto Naohiro, Daimon Hiroyuki, Fujie Koichi
BIOMASS & BIOENERGY   34(12) 1818-1824   Dec 2010   [Refereed]
蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
環境科学会誌   23(4) 332-340   Jul 2010
蒲原弘継, 山口瞬, 橘隆一, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
日本LCA学会誌   4(4) 318-323   Oct 2008
<br>Objective. The project to produce BDF from waste cooking oil has started in some autonomous communities, Japan. In this study, the waste cooking oil potential was estimated by using data obtained by questionnaire survey and demonstratio...
蒲原弘継, 橘隆一, 熱田洋一, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
環境システム研究論文集   36 227-235   Oct 2008
This study clarified local nitrogen balance and evaluated treatment technology of surplus nitrogen in Toyohashi city, Aichi prefecture. As a result, Toyohashi city's nitrogen balance is showed that compost production potential is bigger than organ...
塩見達郎, 立花潤三, 中澤祥二, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
環境システム研究論文集   36 491-497   Oct 2008
We analyzed life cycle inventory and cost of local recycle which utilized existing equipment of used polyvinyl chloride products included in construction wastes. The result has shown that this system needs 430 thousand yen and 20GJ energy, and dis...
Tachibana Junzo, Hirota Keiko, Goto Naohiro, Fujie Koichi
RESOURCES CONSERVATION AND RECYCLING   52(12) 1382-1390   Oct 2008   [Refereed]
白木達朗, 橘隆一, 立花潤三, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
システム農学   24(1) 11-17   Jan 2008
ARAKAWA Masamoto, FUNATSU Kimito, GOTO Naohiro
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE   18(1),29-40(1) 29-40   2005
This paper developed a computer software for zero-emission simulation to optimize the waste disposal process in local community. A user sets waste disposal plants and waste discharge distribution on a map for the simulator to calculate a cost of w...
Kunihiro T, Hu HY, Lim BR, Goto N, Fujie K
The Journal of general and applied microbiology   49(2) 135-139   Apr 2003   [Refereed]
Kunihiro T, Hu HY, Lim BR, Goto N, Fujie K
The Journal of general and applied microbiology   48(1) 35-41   Feb 2002   [Refereed]
後藤尚弘, 内藤ゆかり, HU H‐Y, 藤江幸一
環境科学会誌   14(2) 211-219   Mar 2001
In order to establish a material recycling oriented society to achieve zero emission, analyzing current regional material flow is needed. The analysis is an important key to optimize regional material cycle to make efficiency of resource consumpti...
後藤尚弘, 迫田章義
環境科学会誌   14(2) 199-210   Mar 2001
To establish material recycle society oriented for zero emission, it is important to optimize regional material cycle, to make efficiency of resource consumption rise and to minimize environmental load To construct industrial network, that waste g...
Fujie Koichi, Goto Naohiro, Miyata Yuzuru, Sakoda Akiyoshi, Hanakim Keisuke, Harashina Sachihiko, Mori Shunsuke, Yanagi Kenichiro, Ikeda Shin, Hano Tadashi, Yoshida Hiroyuki
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE   14(4) 391-401   2001
To maintain sustainable development, that is, to create entire human activities for good quality of life, a social system, which minimize emission to be zero, should be established. To actualize such kind of social request, the research project "Z...
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan   34(9), 1097-1102    2001
he Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering   79(1), 65-70    2001
Analysis of material and energy consumption flow in sewage treatment facility in Japan
Environmental Technology   22, 487-496    2001
Water Research   35(11), 2789-2793    2001
Characterization of microbial community in an activated sludge process treating domestic wastewater using quinone profiles
Water Science and Technology   43(1), 99-106    2001
PVA-coated activated carbon for aerobic biological treatment of concentrated refractory organic wastewater
Water Science and Technology   42(3-4), 205-210    2000
Statistical analyses of operating conditions and power consumption characteristics in small-scale conventional activated sludge plants for sewage treatment
Environmental Technology   21, 1167-1172    2000


後藤 尚弘
計画行政 = Planning and public management   39(3) 21-25   Aug 2016
野浪 志太, Souksavanh Phengpaseuth, 後藤 尚弘
環境システム研究論文発表会講演集   44 17-21   2016
後藤 尚弘
エネルギー・資源 = Energy and resources   36(1) 53-57   Jan 2015
宮田 譲, 後藤 尚弘, 渋澤 博幸
環境共生   24 79-81   Jan 2014
後藤尚弘, 深澤勇太, 佐光眞伍
環境科学会誌   26(6) 543-551   Nov 2013
後藤 尚弘, 深澤 勇太, 佐光 眞伍
環境科学会誌 = Environmental science   26(6) 543-551   2013
TACHIBANA Ryuichi, KONDO Hiromasa, ARAKAWA Masamoto, GOTO Naohiro, FUNATSU Kimito, FUJIE Koichi
環境科学会誌 = Environmental science   25(2) 134-150   Mar 2012
Abstracts for ILCAJ meeting   2011(0) 96-96   2011
環境科学会年会プログラム   2011 130-131   2011
星川明仁, 後藤尚弘
中部化学関係学協会支部連合秋季大会講演予稿集   41st 61   Nov 2010
杉田良介, 後藤尚弘, 蒲原弘継
中部化学関係学協会支部連合秋季大会講演予稿集   41st 62   Nov 2010
KAMAHARA Hirotsugu, GOTO Naohiro, FUJIE Koichi
Environmental science   23(4) 332-340   Jul 2010
後藤尚弘, 蒲原弘継, 吉田竜太郎, 永岩隆城
県境を跨ぐエコ地域づくり戦略プラン 平成21年度 研究成果報告書   33-38   2010
藤江幸一, 後藤尚弘, 蒲原弘継
環境科学会年会プログラム   2010 110-111   2010
藤平淳, 後藤尚弘, 蒲原弘継, 橘隆一, 藤江幸一, 大藪千穂, 杉原利治
環境科学会年会プログラム   2010 66   2010
環境科学会年会プログラム   2010 179-180   2010
尾原佳純, 後藤尚弘
環境科学会年会プログラム   2010 76   2010
TACHIBANA Ryuichi, NAGAIWA Takajo, KUNORI Noriyasu, GOTO Naohiro, FUJIE Koichi
The Japanese Association of The Revegetaion Technology   35(1) 3-8   Aug 2009
We estimated environmental load, especially energy consumption and CO2 emission of slope seeding works by life cycle inventory analysis. We investigated papers, reports and hearing inquiry to companies which implement a lath netting wor...
橘隆一, 永岩隆城, 九里徳泰, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
日本緑化工学会誌   35(1) 3-8   Aug 2009
TACHIBANA Ryuichi, ATSUTA Yoichi, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, KAMAHARA Hirotsugu, GOTO Naohiro, ARAKAWA Masamoto, FUNATSU Kimito, FUJIE Koichi
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE   22(4) 257-269   Jul 2009
We developed the AB-NET (Asia Biomass Network Model) software to evaluate the biomass utilization activities in Asian region. AB-NET consists of the following four models.<BR>Plantation Model; The user can determine the best fertilization method i...
KAMAHARA Hirotsugu, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, ATSUTA Yoichi, TACHIBANA Ryuichi, GOTO Naohiro, DAIMON Hiroyuki, FUJIE Koichi
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE   22(4) 247-256   Jul 2009
This study evaluated greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption by producing and importing biodiesel derived from Indonesian palm oil. This study evaluated those environmental load based on the results of investigation which was carried out in...
蒲原弘継, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 熱田洋一, 橘隆一, 後藤尚弘, 大門裕之, 藤江幸一
環境科学会誌   22(4) 247-256   Jul 2009
橘隆一, 熱田洋一, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘, 荒川正幹, 船津公人, 藤江幸一
環境科学会誌   22(4) 257-269   Jul 2009
Journal of the Japanese Agricultural Systems Society   25(1) 9-16   Jan 2009
In this study, we estimated quantitatively the energy use in the food supply chain and its reduction by doing "Produce Locally, Consume Locally" (PLCL) and "Produce Seasonally, Consume Seasonally" (PSCS) through the investigation on the amount and...
立花潤三, 中村龍, 白木達朗, 姥浦道生, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
システム農学   25(1) 9-16   Jan 2009
Yoshida Ryotaro, Goto Naohiro
Abstracts for ILCAJ meeting   2009(0) 190-190   2009
 物質フロー分析(MFA)は対象システムにおける物質の流れを可視化する手法であり、政策への活用が期待されている。行政の基本単位である市町村でMFAを行うことで、より地域特性に沿った物質循環の方法を提案できると共に、環境政策の評価が可能になると考えられる。 よって本研究では、愛知県田原市を対象として、一般的なデータや簡易の実地調査に基づくMFA手法を開発し、地域に根ざした持続可能なまちづくりを提案することを目的とする。
Nakamura Takuya, Goto Naohiro
Abstracts for ILCAJ meeting   2009(0) 179-179   2009
Kamahara Hirotsugu, Udin Hasanudin, Anugerah Widiyanto, Atsuta Yoichi, Tachibana Ryuichi, Goto Naohiro, Daimon Hiroyuki, Fujie Koichi
Abstracts for ILCAJ meeting   2009(0) 105-105   2009
日本高専学会年会講演会講演論文集   15th 121-122   2009
蒲原弘継, 三根智徳, 杉田良介, 後藤尚弘
環境科学会年会一般講演・シンポジウム・プログラム   2009 254-255   2009
蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
環境科学会年会一般講演・シンポジウム・プログラム   2009 210-211   2009
山口耕太, 蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘, 稲吉辰夫
環境システム研究論文発表会講演集   36th 141-146   Oct 2008
FUJIE Koichi, GOTO Naohiro, DAIMON Hiroyuki, KAMAHARA Hirotsugu
Resources processing   55(2) 103-108   Jun 2008
藤江幸一, 後藤尚弘, 大門裕之, 蒲原弘継
環境資源工学   55(2) 103-108   Jun 2008
藤江幸一, 後藤尚弘
環境工学連合講演会講演論文集   22nd 163-168   Apr 2008
熱田洋一, 蒲原弘継, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 橘隆一, 大門裕之, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
日本水環境学会年会講演集   42nd 475   Mar 2008
荒川正幹, 蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘, 船津公人
化学工学会年会研究発表講演要旨集   73rd 720   Feb 2008
蒲原弘継, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 熱田洋一, 橘隆一, 大門裕之, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
化学工学会年会研究発表講演要旨集   73rd 719   Feb 2008
橘隆一, 蒲原弘継, 熱田洋一, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 大門裕之, 後藤尚弘, 藤井幸一
化学工学会年会研究発表講演要旨集   73rd 718   Feb 2008
SHIRAKI Tatsuro, TACHIBANA Ryuichi, TACHIBANA Junzo, GOTO Naohiro, FUJIE Koichi
Journal of the Japanese Agricultural Systems Society   24(1) 11-17   Jan 2008
In this study, we analyzed transition of CO2 emission for 14 vegetables production during 1975 to 2003. The result shows that CO2 emission was reduced from about 4 million ton-CO2 in 1975 to 3 million ton-CO2<...
山口 耕太, 蒲原 弘継, 後藤 尚弘
環境システム研究論文発表会講演集   36 141-146   2008
Goto Naohiro, Tachibana Junzo
Abstracts for ILCAJ meeting   2008(0) 90-90   2008
Role of ecotown is to link between company which discharges solid waste and that which treats the solid waste to promote waste recycle. Then, it is important to share information about solid waste among the companies. In this research I evaluate R...
SHU Atsushi, KAMAHARA Hirotsugu, GOTO Naohiro
Abstracts for ILCAJ meeting   2008(0) 98-98   2008
蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
環境科学会年会一般講演・シンポジウム・プログラム   2008 136-137   2008
橘隆一, 藤江幸一, 蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘
化学工学会九州支部大会研究発表講演要旨集   2008(CD-ROM) D113   2008
橘隆一, 藤江幸一, 熱田洋一, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 蒲原弘継, 後藤尚弘, 荒川正幹, 船津公人
環境科学会年会一般講演・シンポジウム・プログラム   2008 138-139   2008
橘隆一, 蒲原弘継, 熱田洋一, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 大門裕之, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸
自然環境復元学会研究発表会発表・講演要旨集   8th 27-28   Dec 2007
橘隆一, 熱田洋一, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 大門裕之, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
化学工学会秋季大会研究発表講演要旨集(CD-ROM)   39th Q124   Aug 2007
熱田洋一, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 橘隆一, 後藤尚弘, 大門裕之, 藤江幸一
化学工学会秋季大会研究発表講演要旨集(CD-ROM)   39th Q126   Aug 2007
NISHINAGA Tatau, GOTO Naohiro, KUNORI Noriyasu, YAMANAKA Atsuko
工学・工業教育研究講演会講演論文集   19 750-751   Aug 2007
J. Tachibana, N. Goto, K. Fujie
Environmental Technology   28 499-509   May 2007
We developed a simple method to estimate the cost and environmental load of a fluorocarbon recovery and destruction (R & D) system for commercial refrigerators (CRs) and building air conditioners (BACs). In order to estimate the fluorocarbon recov...
熱田洋一, 蒲原弘継, WIDIYANTO Anugerah, 橘隆一, 大門裕之, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
日本水環境学会年会講演集   41st 378   Mar 2007
Tachibana Ryuichi, Kamahara Hirotsugu, Goto Naohiro, Fujie Koichi
Abstracts for ILCAJ meeting   2007(0) 13-13   2007
Abstracts for ILCAJ meeting   2007(0) 86-86   2007
白木達朗, 橘隆一, 立花潤三, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
システム農学会シンポジウム要旨集   2007 36-37   2007
立花潤三, 中村龍, 白木達朗, 姥浦道生, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
システム農学会シンポジウム要旨集   2007 51-52   2007
蒲原弘継, 橘隆一, 熱田洋一, 加藤勝敏, 大門裕之, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
システム農学会シンポジウム要旨集   2007 28-29   2007
後藤尚弘, 藤本茂樹, 姥浦道生
日本水環境学会シンポジウム講演集   9th 45-46   Sep 2006
大藪千穂, 杉原利治, 後藤尚弘
日本家政学会大会研究発表要旨集   58th 214   May 2006
OHBA Michiru, OHGAI Akira, GOTOU Naohiro, UBAURA Michio, JOU Yuji
東海支部研究報告集   (44) 685-688   Feb 2006
後藤 尚弘, 乾 義尚, 藤江 幸一
Annual report of Center for Collaborative Regional Planning and Design, Toyohashi University of Technology   (2) 35-42   2006
Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu G   34 135-142   2006
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the CO2 emisson by Local Production for Local Consumption (LPLC). In case of cabbage, the reduction of CO2 emisson by LPLC is 12, 000 ton/year. However, in case of tomato, that is 6, 0...
高橋朋哉, 姥浦道生, 立花潤三, 後藤尚弘, 杉原利治, 大薮千穂
廃棄物学会研究発表会講演論文集   16th(Pt.1) 141-143   Oct 2005
藤江幸一, 後藤尚弘
宙舞 中部支部報   (56) 7-10   Feb 2005
ARAKAWA Masamoto, FUNATSU Kimito, GOTO Naohiro
Environmental science   18(1) 29-40   Jan 2005
荒川正幹, 船津公人, 後藤尚弘
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環境科学会年会一般講演・シンポジウム・プログラム   2005 66-67   2005
弘田啓子, 立花潤三, 姥浦道生, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
環境科学会年会一般講演・シンポジウム・プログラム   2005 46-47   2005
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環境システム研究論文集   32 351-356   Oct 2004
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環境衛生工学研究   18(3) 125-128   Jul 2004
後藤尚弘, 浦野真弥, 藤江幸一, 柴崎茂光, 坂田裕輔, 永田信
電気学会メタボリズム社会・環境システム研究会資料   MES-04(7-14) 35-40   Jun 2004
USUI Tomotaka, KUBOTA Mitsuhiro, GOTO Naohiro
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Energy and Resources   23 89-92   Jun 2004
薄井智貴, 窪田光宏, 後藤尚弘
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環境科学会年会一般講演・シンポジウム・プログラム   2003 100-101   2003
谷山一郎, 後藤尚弘
地球温暖化対策のための京都議定書における国際制度に関する政策的・法的研究 平成12-14年度   37-58   2003
田畑智博, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一, 井村秀文, 薄井智貴
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JIN Z‐M, 奥田直史, HU H‐Y, 藤田昌史, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
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松村知衣子, 藤田昌史, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一, LIM B‐R, HU H‐Y
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田畑智博, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一, 薄井智貴
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水野博幸, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
化学工学会年会研究発表講演要旨集   67th 771   Mar 2002
TABATA Tomohiro, GOTO Naohiro, FUJIE Koichi, IMURA Hidehumi, USUI Tomotaka
Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu G   30 315-322   2002
A waste recycling network consists of collection, transportation, recycle and so on. But each process uses new energy or resource and the waste recycling is possible to bring about an increase of environmental load. In this study, to realize the w...
白戸康人, 谷山一郎, 袴田共之, 松本成夫, 米山忠克, 早野恒一, 後藤尚弘
陸域生態系の吸収源機能評価に関する研究 平成11-13年度   73-95   2002
後藤尚弘, 岩野安寿香, 藤江幸一
環境科学会年会一般講演・シンポジウム・プログラム   2002 76-77   2002
奥田直史, LIM B‐R, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一, HU H‐Y
安全工学研究発表会講演予稿集   34th 87-88   Nov 2001
田畑智博, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
環境システム研究論文発表会講演集   29th 95-100   Nov 2001
田畑智博, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一, 薄井智貴
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奥田直史, 胡洪営, 林へい蘭, 後藤尚弘, 藤江幸一
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FUJIE Koichi, GOTO Naohiro, MIYATA Yuzuru, SAKODA Akiyoshi, HANAKI Keisuke, HARASHINA Sachihiko, MORI Shunsuke, YANAGI Kenichiro, IKEDA Shin, HANO Tadashi, YOSHIDA Hiroyuki
Environmental science   14(4), 391-401(4) 391-401   Jul 2001
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日本水環境学会年会講演集   35th 256   Mar 2001

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野浪志太, SOUKSAVANH Phengpaseuth, 後藤尚弘
環境システム研究論文発表会講演集   22 Oct 2016   
村上遼, 金子信博, 藤江幸一, 後藤尚弘, HASANUDIN Udin
環境科学会年会プログラム講演要旨集   8 Sep 2016   
瀬戸一喜, 後藤尚弘
日本環境共生学会学術大会発表論文集(CD-ROM)   31 Aug 2016   
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