Sahara Tetsuya

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Sahara Tetsuya
Meiji University
School of Political Science and Economics
Job title
Master of Art(The University of Tokyo), Bachelor of Art(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Feb 2015
Aug 2015
Bilkent University Department of History Visiting Professor
Apr 2008
Feb 2008
Jan 2010
Middle East Technical University Faculty of Arts and Science, Department of History Part time Accosiate Professor
Apr 2004
Mar 2008
Associate Professor
Apr 2003
Mar 2004
Associate Professor


Apr 1990
Sep 1992
Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1988
Mar 1990
Faculty of Literature, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1982
Mar 1988
Department of Occident Studies, Faculty of Literature, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

The Islamic World and the Bosnian Question
Current History   Nov. 386-389   Nov 1994
Patron-Client Networks and the State-Making in Early Nineteenth Century Serbia
Etudes balkaniques   (4) 57-65   Jun 1995
Rusenska Bulgarska obshtina prey vremeto na Tanyimat
Almanah za istoriya na Ruse   (1) 77-80   1996
Turco-Armenian Controversy and conspiracy theories: The case of the 1909 Adana Incident
Neighbour and Neighbourhood, (eds.)D.Furuya & R.Momose (Osaka University)   195-223   2010
Secret Collaboration Between the IMRO and the Ottoman Special Force On The Eve of First World War
Zbornik radova Instituta za savremenu istoriju   12 237-252   2014   [Refereed]


Balkan Nationalism After 1989
Acta Slvacia Iaponica   (18) 117-144   Mar 2001
“Ethnic cleansing in world history: A Balkan perspective.”
Comparative Genocide Studies   1 9-13   2004
The 1909 Adana Incident (Part 1):The Adana Province during the Nineteenth Century
明治大学教養論集   (456) 99-127   Sep 2010
The 1909 Adana Incident (Part 2): The Young Turk Revolution and the Muslim-Armenian Confrontation in Adana
明治大学教養論集   (467) 41-97   Mar 2011
The 1909 Adana Incident (Part 3) Rioting in Adana
いすみあ   (4) 29-67   Mar 2012

Books etc

An Eastern Orthodox Community During the Tanzimat. no.
東京外国語大学   Feb 1997   
Europe at the Cross Road: Emergence of New Idea of Divide and Rule no.
SANU   Dec 1999   
The making of the modern municipal government in the Ottoman Balkans
"Institute for History, SANU"   2002   
Municipal reforms in Japan and Turkey: The Belediye system of the Tanzimat and municipal laws in Meiji Japan
Bosphrus University Press   2003   
Forced ethnic migrations and modernity in the Balkans
International centre for Minority Studies and Intercultural Relations   2006   

Conference Activities & Talks

“Forced ethnic migrations and modernity in the Balkans,”
“Forced Ethnic Migrations on the Balkans: Consequences and Rebuilding of Societies,”   25 Feb 2005   IMIR
“Anti-Semitism in the Ottoman Empire and the implications for Russia,”
nternational conference, “Ottoman-Russian War of 1877-78"   14 Dec 2005   Middle East Technical University
“Yugoslav Wars of Succession: Chaotic Nationalism or Nationalization of Chaos?”
International Symposium, “Ethnic Division of Polity and Society in Post-Civil War and Under-Conflict Nations: Cyprus, Lebanon, Former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Israel/Palestine,”   28 Jan 2007   Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
“The Ottoman City Council and the Beginning of the Modernization of Urban space in the Balkans,”
ZMO Workshop, “Migration and Urban Institutions in the Late Ottoman Reform Period.”   11 May 2007   ZMO
Albanian uprising in Kosovo 1866-67; Case study of ethno-religious tension caused by the Tanzimat
XI International Congress of Social and Economic History of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire   20 Jun 2008   Bilkent Univeristy

Research Grants & Projects

National Communism in Eastern Europe
Project Year: 2003   
Comparative Genocide Studies
Meiji University: